the pahadi women

Dedication: this story is dedicated to every single mother who are daily struggling with those stupid society rules you all are fighters no matter what other say you all are strongest women i have ever seen

its not a story but a real life experience of a pahadi women who lives in hills of uttarakhand, India

well first thing i m not so good in writing but i thought every women around there should know her story

so it starts when she was just 18 years her parents married her with an army officer and just after one year she got pregnant, it was her 6th month of pregnancy she was happy waiting for her child to come and more happy about the news that her husband is arriving today, finally the doorbell rang she excitedly opened the door but there was someone else, it was one of her husband’s colleague who told her that while fighting for his country her husband died, she sat down on floor crying in grief she was jut 19 all she was thinking was how she is going to live with a child alone who haven’t came to this world till now, well she wasn’t knowing that its just starting more pain is waiting for her on her way.

after her husband’s death her parents in law threw her out calling her a curse for there child and blaming her for her husband’s death.

she was broken inside with a six months child in her stomach she went back to her parents house who waren’t to happy to see her but she can’t do anything about it, after three months she gave birth to a baby boy.

she started to forget her past life experiences and all she wanted was her child she decided to give him a bright future so she started finding a job for her but her parents were against it they wanted her to get married again but she didn’t wanted to marry again but unfortunately she has to go according to her parents will then her parents started finding a capable groom for her many families were ready for her but they were against the child after being rejected by more than ten families now her family was forcing her to give her child away to someone who wants to adopt a child but she was totally against it her child was the only thing she can say was hers, day by day she was more forced to leave her child so she left her family and started to find a job for her finally she got one, her salary wasn’t too much but in that she can take care of her child finally after lot of struggle she got a house on rent she started a new life and yes even after being alone and being a single mother, being judged by society she spent her twenty five years living like that now it was her time to be happy finally after lot of struggle by her child he got a high level job and he was been called by those people who once were calling her mother a curse to honour him, she is been called on stage everyone praising her and clapping for her struggle of year.

this time she again cried but this time her tears were of happiness

with love

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Utkarsha Raj

my name is Utkarsha raj i m a 12th class student who is struggling with her own identity as a girl i have met many women and they have shared there life struggle as a women this is my first writing plzz do tell me about my work on my mail i would love to share more with you all for all the iron ladies you all are great and strong never change for someone else be the way you are, be real, be beautiful with love UT