The Climb

Dedication: To lol the women out there who need to believe in themselves

I am not a doctor I am not a physiologist I’m not a university graduate I do not have a 6 figure job ! I’ve never written a thing (expect in school) I am a mom self emplyeed gave up my dreams …. but fufilled it giving all I had into family .i have is a story to share … for you to embrace awaken share is the losses failures joys adventure freedom disappointments and most of all your victory ! My victory…….. well what a challenge and I’m still climbing the mountain of life as we all will with every step we take every waking moment we have . Live life to its fullest . We have all heard live laugh love wow what a truly powerful statement when you really search deep . We all need these 3 things for a success backpack filled like water food shelter to begin the climb. As a child conditioned to be loved on conditions made to believe I couldn’t succeed on my own to enter a relationship at 18 to be controlled manipulates abused emotions all to keep me believing I needed my mother I needed my brother I needed my partner to get anywhere in life ! WRONG I am a 37 year old women who only now is striving for my summit I was stuck in the middle and thrown down to the bottom so many times I truly believed my climb was over give up this is the decision I made to go or and love a man that would provide and protect me but instead manipulated and controlled and tore me away from any dream left me with no food and water to continue climbing . I was starved ! Girls you don’t know who you are at 18 at 24 at 28 at 30 you see a whole different mountain ! I am a mother of 4 divorced after being with a man 17 years almost half my life I knew very little to fend for my self to stand up for myself to believe in myself to know there was a me that I could see ! I wanted to be see to be heard to be loved adored and respected . I was made to believe I was there to please ! I’m an amazing mother I love uncontrollably and I live to be living proof you can find yourself at any age and whatever situation you are in . This is the beginning of a very long painful journey but in the end victorious to be where I am and seeing myself and not caring what others see but I want to achieve what I want to be and how I want to be heard. Please allow me to write on several successes failures joys disappointed and share my story of accidents beating death drugs and alcohol riches to losing it all and yet gaining everything . I will continue to write if this is the climb you would
Like to journey with me ! I offer only my human self experiences but encourage you that you will feel what I have felt and you will find some part of this story you relate to ! To save one person to make some see themeselves find themselves make YOU realize your not alone that is why I want to share my story

Photo credit: Image courtesy of storyteller.