Sexually Assaulted

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this story to all the amazing woman out there fighting and staying strong through whatever there going through. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!

I was 16 when I sexually assaulted. Nobody knows because I am too ashamed to tell anyone; I’m afraid of what others will think. It happened when I was staying with a friend. My boyfriend, at the time, was staying the night also, kept begging to have sex. I didn’t want to; this wasn’t the first time he has asked. He asked me several times before that and each answer was “no I’m not ready, I wanna wait.” That night when we was laying down to go to bed he kept asking over and over again; I finally gave in and said yes; I felt vulnerable and used. He tried several times that night to get it in but was unsuccessful so finally he forced it in and when it was over I felt myself drain away little by little until I was numb. After that night he would drive onto this gravel road by my house and wait for me just to have sex and then leave; leaving me alone in the dirt to pick myself up and hope he didn’t ask the next day. I hoped that maybe the boy I loved so dearly in the beginning would come back but instead I got no love and just pain. Your probably thinking this isn’t sexual assault “you said yes.” I did say yes your correct but I didn’t want to. This is called sexual coercion and millions of woman go through it everyday because they feel like they were obligated to do it just like I did. The definition of sexual coercion is the act of using pressure, alcohol or drugs, or force to have sexual contact with someone against his or her will. In my case he used pressure to get me to have sex with him. He told me wanted to ‘make love’ with me, said ‘it doesn’t hurt that bad I promise.’ there’s so many more things that he said in order to take the one thing that I had that was still pure; my virginity. And sure enough five months later after him begging me I gave it up. I’m sharing my story because I know there’s woman out there just like me going through the same thing and I don’t want them to feel alone like I did. You are not alone and I am here for you. There are millions of people out with a story just like mine. It takes 5 minutes to share so it can help someone in need. Please share my story.