Tess and me

It was the start of year seven and id met this amazing girl called Tess. we became best friends and loved each other the way we were. I told her everything all my secrets we felt as if we were made for each other. we had a lot of similarities and started to do bad stuff like steal stuff at school. I didn’t really steal as much as her and I also joked about stealing stuff from shops when I didn’t. one day in the holidays we met each other in the library and she told me she had got caught stealing from the co-op and we got into a lot of trouble but because she had lied about me stealing everything I got the blame and ignored her for days we became BFFS again but kept on having arguments countless times and then one day we had a massive argument and they accused me of lots of things like lying to them 2407 when I hadn’t. Tess then became BFFS with her enemies and made me really upset she told them all my secrets and everyone new me as the liar in school but I found out that sometimes its ok to have no friends because school is really for education and im still trying today to find it ok to hang around with myself.

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