Dedication: My mother Tonya Kay

My name is Maegan & I am a recovered drug addict I have been clean for 1 year & 4 months. Last year around Christmas I lost my best friend, my only heart, my mother and that changed my life forever. Growing up I didn’t have a very good childhood I was physically abused & spent most of my time in my room. In high school I went to a friends house I was drugged & sexually assulted & raped by her brother and his friend. I have learned that life is to short, sometimes to short for words. I cant tell you how much I miss my mom & how I wish I could hear her voice & her laugh just one more time. I’ve struggled a lot mentally with her death it was so sudden and a freak accident she was only 47. I think about her everyday and what she would think about her grandbaby Olivia & if she would be proud of me today. This world will steal you if your not careful. Never loose site of you and who you are & always remember love is all that matters.

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