Stronger than I thought I was

Dedication: To all girls going through all these questions and comments.


As I grow older day by day, I find out more about my gender. The choices that we get to make and the power we have is not as much the power and freedom the males have. How the things we do affect the whole society. Growing up, I was always more fond of toys like cars, toy guns, race cars, and all the other the toys the boys liked. Little did I know that that would have an impression on me to the judgmental ones. I was told not to do certain things like climb trees because apparently that’s not what “girls” do. There were several things I couldn’t do growing up as a kid, “please behave like a girl” “eat like a girl” do this, do that like a girl.

What’s wrong with doing things that boys do? Why is it that wrong to do such things when it’s not?

Well, I think most of us girls had to pretend to do and like things we never liked, I for one never got the chance to do most of the things I actually desired to do while I was a young girl. It’s ironic how there are so much division and detachment between these two genders. Knowing all this has made me quite stronger, actually. It helps me bring out the voice within me, the power and strength I thought I’d never have. This made me realize that I was stronger than I knew I was. And so are you! Nothing is better than doing the things you love to do, and it’s never right for others to tell you things you don’t want to do. It’s your life, your choices, and your decisions. It’s never okay to let others make you feel insecure about yourself. Sometimes, I would hear people saying “stop crying like a girl” to boys. I don’t understand why they would ever say that. First off, crying isn’t a wrong thing, its normal, it’s your emotions, you cannot simply seal your feelings and let it tear you apart. This just doesn’t go out to the girls but boys as well. Secondly, why girls? why not cry like a girl? what is so wrong about that? It’s okay to cry, to show your emotions, but its never okay and right to let the society and the people around you pull you down.

It’s also very saddening to see how so many young people are pulled back and forced not to do the things we desire and love to do. I’m only 16 and I’ve faced so many challenges and dilemmas in my journey of life and I learned so many things that I believe have made me stronger and believe more in myself. I encourage you to always believe in yourself and to say NO to those when you need to because everyone has the RIGHT to say No when people say things that offend u. I believe in you and I BELIEVE YOU WILL CHANGE THE MINDS OF MANY PEOPLE.