story from my side

Dedication: to that one guy who loved me please be happy:)

we were in the same class. my bestfriend was the first who like him and he was that one who love me. at first i kept ignoring him because i didn’t want to hurt my bestfriend’s feelings.whenever he call by my name in the classroom my bestfriend look at me and become sad that’s why i kept ignoring him .

after our exam’s result came out my parents decided to put me in the hostel.he was already in hostel because his home is far from our school.

that was the day when i cried because i was not allowed to go home even in holidays. in night class i sat on the corner of our bench, i heard some voice from back and i turned back and that was he,he was trying to comfort me may be because he saw me crying earlier,yea that was the very first day when i fell in love with him.time goes on i kept liking him.

one day when me,my bestfriend,and some other friends were sitting on our classroom,he called me and again my bestfriend look at me and look away. he was trying to say something but i started shouting at him to make her feel good but that day turned different. after that day he never look at me but i kept looking at him. i hurt him so badly.i deserve pain. i think after that day he started hating me and i started to love him even more.i tried my best to talk to him but he didn’t even like to talk to me again.

now its been already 3 years and he is still in my heart whenever i think about another guy i feel like i’m cheating on him. now i don’t want anything except his happiness.i think that is the true love he taught me.whenever he post something sad on his social media i always blame myself.when i cry by thinking about him i feel so relief and i feel like i deserve pain as much as i give him. yea karma is so real.