My Life: My dads traces on my mental behavour

This is my story on What its like to feel different to everyone mentally.

Since a very young age ive been aware and ive known what its like to have Gangs in my liveyhood. My dad was a person who was involved in a gang and done drugs to try and get him just a bit of money and he started doing it often and more regulary and he then got caught for this and ended up in prison. Because of all My dads offences I ended up in foster care at the age of 6 which you can probably get the idea of I was young and probably confused but I wasn’t I knew what had gone on. watch who your mates are makesure you know there not fake friends who will get you roped into dodgy business because that can lead too your life being ruined which trust me will make your familys life hard and dreadful.People will judge you, thats the way life is but ive been in foster care for 8 years and as ive started to get older more people have been judging me because they know what my dad was involved in. People start asking personal questions and you start to think are they asking this because there interested or are they asking this because they want to make fun of you.Its hard trust me but thats how you get through life; By facing difficulties in life. yes even if your struggiling then talk to someone.