Speak out loud for your rights

Mahwash Athar from Islamabad Pakistan. Just After I did my Graduation my parents arrange my marriage. I went to Karachi Pakistan as my ex husband resident of Karachi. I lived in joint family system. He was not educated, run family business and extremely narrow minded. I faced pathetic family politics, pathetic business politics along mental torture and at the end physical violence. I have 2 kids. He was failed to give me a separate single room with protection. There was no lock in washroom, his brothers or shop workers come in washroom when I was in. As house and work place was all opened. Many big big 8,10 rats mouse were roaming around, bite the kids, lives in open kitchen. It’s extremely hard to survive. He did a murder attempt on me at mid night at that time I was shocked. It as a turning point of my life. He never gave me a single penny and if my father send some money he took all of it by force, he also sold my gold jewelry and dowry items. After 15 years of marriage compromise I called my parents to come and bring me back to Islamabad. They did it Thank fully. My kids were and are with me. Alhamdulillah. In April 2017, I came back to Islamabad and started searching jobs. I got different jobs of social worker, teacher etc. My husband came to Islamabad in October 2018 with his friends and tried to kidnap kids, came to father’s home to fight with me. I straight forward told him that I didn’t want to live with him any more, I hired an advocate for taking Divorce and submit an application in police station that my ex husband was dangerous for me and my kids. Police called him and his friends to investigate further. My parents and family was not in favor of court case and police station application but I proceed it further and took divorce from him in 2019 finally. He never gave/send a single penny for his kids till now. He never called his kids. Alhamdulillah my kids are in school receiving education and I am doing a good job in a soft ware house. I want to tell all the girls to speak out loud for your rights. Thanks

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Mahwash Athar

I am Mahwash Jalees Athar. Passed my matriculation exam from Islamabad College for Girls. Graduation from university of Punjab.Fond of listening light music, poetry, writing romantic stories.