Shraddha Pandey- A cancer fighter

Ten years ago, as a schoolgirl, I felt a hard lump in my stomach. The local doctor sensed that something is wrong and referred me to a hospital. My petrified parents were told that I am showing signs of Ovarian Cancer and that I need to be moved to a different city at the earliest. I was finding it difficult to even maneuver and do basic things.

We were asked to shift to TATA Memorial, My father was in tears. We had no clue whether I would survive Ovarian Cancer. None of us were aware of the disease, its symptoms, or treatment methodologies. We thought that there is no cure for Ovarian Cancer. The operation was successful and with a great amount of difficulty, Dr. Shahid Qureshi let me give my exams. I came out with flying colors.

I went through many hard times in my life. This disease helped me unleash my hidden potential. The more you suffer, the stronger you emerge. Life is all about exploring and learning new things.

I have learned to adapt to situations quickly. The diagnosis of cancer immediately affects your perception of time. You probably never thought about the length of your life until you were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer and the thought of death go hand in hand. Throughout the process, you’ll find that you may become impatient, more sensitive, and easily frustrated. As you begin to regain your sense of normalcy, you appreciate the time you have and take advantage of the day.

Surviving Ovarian Cancer is a major accomplishment and will result in the continuous growth of your inner strength. I would never wish a cancer diagnosis on anyone; however, I am a better person as a result of my Ovarian Cancer and these life-altering changes that I’ve shared. I no longer have to prove myself to others. I now know what I can handle and have the ability to make choices that are in my best interest!

Parting Message:
Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.

Life is all about accepting challenges and prove yourself. It’s not that complicated, life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Don’t complicate things. Try to relax, enjoy every moment, get used to everything. Don’t give up, you never know what tomorrow may bring for you.

There is a lot to experience in life, I encounter a different experience daily. My life is a roller coaster ride where there are both ups and downs, and I am facing every phase of my life with grace. Being an Ovarian Cancer patient, I never feel like I shouldn’t travel alone, I shouldn’t dream big. I don’t care about the next moment of my life. I always give my 101% to the moment, I am living in.

If you are not bettering yourself daily that means you are not exploring this world. You can be a part of the crowd or you can become unique in this crowd, the choice is all yours.

This is what life is, I have so many dreams to fulfill, I will accomplish them all. I want to convey a lesson about the complexity of life. If being a cancer patient I am surviving from the last ten years, I am not giving up and achieving dreams that I want to achieve.

Then, you shouldn’t underestimate yourself, difficulties are just a way to unleash the hidden zeal that you failed to explore till yet. Difficulties are a part of life. Trust me, you can cross every hurdle if you believe in yourself.

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Shraddha Pandey

I am an author of four books, a writer for more than twenty websites, a digital marketing Specialist for three companies and currently, pursuing MBA from ISBR Bangalore.