My Journey after Covid-19

Recently I caught with a viral infection and my upper and lower limbs stopped feeling. It was really a tough time. I had to be shifted between home and hospital. I am in recovery mode now.

I want to write about the pain a patient goes through and how it affects his/her psyche.
Of course, it may or may not be my next book, but I will write on that for sure.
Now I am recovering I was totally based on the kindness of others. Every nurse, doctor and physiotherapist , my mom , my husband, my family makers, my staff at home , people helping pulling me on wheel-chair that helped me did so with humility and care making sure I was treated with respect and kindness.
Everyone taking care of my like a small kid.
When you are giving up on life, little moments of kindness – like a cup of coffee or green tea being made for you and just someone listening to what you have to say can change your day for the better.

My hope was not lost and even if I was at my lowest, life could get better and that there is a reason to live .
That moment will stay with me forever. While fighting with Corona , the side effects of heavy medications, the loss of mobilty in my limbs , and an unexpected things that happend I began to make the most of his time by writing down my thoughts into my mobile notes.
So yes now I am on the recovery track , settled back at my home with my kids.
Life is getting back on track.
I am sure with god’s grace and love of my family soon I’ll pick up my paint brush , paint my thoughts, I would sing -record my voice , I would write the poems , I will cook for my family and I will be as cheerful as I can.
Still some days I feel low , but Yes we are god lovers and with good diet, exercises, positivity and blessings of my family things are and will get better.

Akanksha Agarwal Together with the love and support of her family, has finally shown the world that every dream is possible, and every goal can be accomplished if we work hard for it.
It seems like even during Covid there’s nothing that can stop her from pursuing their passions and inspiring new generations.
Being married for now more then 10years and mother of two lovely kids.
Her Avtar is quite different from all the usual housewives.
Her Struggles in life have develop her own strengths.
Akanksha is now popular all across the globe. She has been featured by various prominent media house of the the world
Including Pionner , Deccan Chronicles,
The Times Of India , IANS.
Her poetry are recognised in UK, USA and other part of the world.

Being A mother, a daughter, a wife, a professional and an influencer,
Akanksha has been motivating the youth and womens of the world to strive and ascend beyond their aspirations..
In recent honour, Akanksha has been Featured by The Times Of India on womens day.
Her paintings has been put up by Corona Quilt at an prominent place in Mumbai.

Being an philanthropist Akanksha Agarwal has joined hand with NGOs and have started with donations drives , from the earnings of The book sales and her paintings.

Her dynamism, energy and determination have caught the imagination of the youth across the country and she has been called by various media houses , newspaper and magazine editors.
Being hospitalised on bed , when her limbs are not working well, Akanksha raises her voice by recording her poems
And send the voice overs to different poetry shows and Radio stations.
Her writing is not simply stick to love and romance poems, she has been a great chef as well, her writing includes food blogs and some really mouth watering dishes.

Being an Indian women , author , poet , artists and Covid Survivor Akanksha Has have not only been in the news headlines but the in the world too with her unstoppable energy, utmost dedication, and unmatched talent.
Her journey is an truly inspiring stories as the daughters of India who’ve shown exemplary courage in breaking the stereotypes over women and making
Her family proud .

Recently a her poem got selected by a group in Adelaide and her poem will be on the roads and path of the Australian City.

She has gained so much power while struggling with her disease, that she believes now no looking back And wouldn’t change it for anything and chase her dreams.

Everyone in this planet face challenges, but how many of us don’t give up and use this challenges to our advantages ?

Fortunately, Akanksha Agarwal took her challenge her health issues as an opportunity and she has emerged as an inspirational story for all of us and kudos to her on making the world a better way in her own way.

the pandemic, the infection and social isolation has affected me mentally as –

Gradually fighting with this disease was becoming very difficult
Brain fogging every time.
I was Feeling zapped every second.
My brain had stopped working at all .
I was paused, I couldn’t take decisions on my own.
Mentally my clock of heart wanted to stop
Because I was tired of the whole process, I was tired of the hospital beds and I didn’t want to have more pains and more worst days I was going thru.

the pandemic, the infection and social isolation has affected me emotionally as –

I’ve lived every moment ..being pampered by my husband to singing doing voice overs and writing
Memories that can never ever fade.
If I talk emotionally , I was over flooded with negative vibes and overthinking.
I could feel it was the end of my life and I would never be able to walk around and all my hope was lost , I was emotionally drained.
Every around me asking me to pray asking me to repeat that –
I will walk soon , I’m healthy and I’m happy

I wanted to meet my kids , my family and my loved ones.
I wanted to have food on my own , I wanted my fingers to touch my face , my mobile screens, I wanted to make hairs of my daughter.

But every second my moral was deteriorating
It was the love and prayers of my family I have revived and I’m able to write and answer these questions.

But even after all of this Akanksha is staying strong working on her ambitions,
Chasing her dreams and she wants to make her family , her father who was very close to her proud.

After my infection ,all my test reports were fine I have been to the top hospitals of the country and even today after India being a great health centre , my disease is un- researched and it’s a new issue and topic to be researched.

A small poetry by Akanksha Agarwal
During the time she was on the bed rest

“My legs on the white bed sheet
Were like dead meat

They wanted to move like a machine
But even the gods couldn’t help

I was shattered like a broken glass
My moral was destroyed like bricks cut into pieces

My soul was wandering ,to be free ,
like slave in a dungeon
But their were silver chains tied all over my flesh

Life seemed like a statue
Everything had become still like a mannequin

Only his sketch in my eyes
managed me to be silent
after every roaring wave”

Akanksha Agarwal , a headstrong lady , did not give up on her dream and followed it passionately. She is an inspiration to all the women and girls who dare to dream big.

It’s truly said:
“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Photo credit: Image courtesy of the storyteller.

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Akanksha Agarwal

Akanksha Agarwal , Born And brought up in Bareilly , India. I am an author, painter , house maker and recently i got infected by Covid and my hands and Legs stopped working. I am on my recovering track. Follow me on Instagram: @akam_kshaagarwal Read my poetry book : The Secret In My Blood