Emily The Lyanora

Dedication: This story is to my mom who i will always have in my heart.

Chapter 1
Emily sighed as she crept around the corner of her bedroom door.
She heard clattering downstairs so she went to go see what it was.
She crept down the stairs of her house to find her dad grabbing a
mysterious key out of a cupboard. She had never seen the key before. “What are you doing?” asked Emily. “Nothing.” Replied her dad quickly, hiding the key before she could get A closer look. “I saw the key. What’s it for dad?” “Nothing you should worry about Em. Go back to bed.” She did what she was told but she couldn’t go to sleep because she knew her dad was up to something. The next day: I was walking down the road for my first day of junior high.
I was thinking about my dad being mysterious and the…key.

Being a 12 year old who was only 4 feet and 2 inches was way much harder then i imagined. “Hey littey girl!” Teased the school bully. “I am not… well I am.” i said after thinking for a moment. “I gotta get to my classroom bye.” I said trying to avoid talking to him. “Hey wait you idiot!” He grabbed my shoulder. “You’re not going anywhere shorty!” “Stop please!” I said desperately. “No.” He smacked me across the face. “Please!” I started crying. “Aww you gonna cry?” He said in his best baby talk voice. “Shut Up! I..I will tell the teacher!” I said. He smacked me in the face and said “You gonna? You gonna? You gonna?” And smacking me over and over again. He picked me up and pinned me to the wall. “You’re never gonna do that. Never gonna tell the teacher!” He said. I nodded quickly and he dropped me. Snot was dripping down my nose mixing with my tears and pain. I was bleeding. Now that the fight was over all I wanted to do was go home. I realized I was bruised when I got home and I was bleeding all over. My dad was still not home and there were no clues of where he had gone. I took a shower so my dad wouldn’t notice the blood dripping down my shoulders. Rubbing my arms trying to shake off the pain. “Dad where are you?” I couldn’t let anyone know my dad was missing. They would send me off to foster care. As if I couldn’t take care of myself. My mom died a while ago when I was 1 year old. She died giving birth to me and I have had problems with my growth ever since. My dad always said “You are lucky you are still alive.” My mom actually isn’t dead. She went into a coma giving birth to me but dad never shares any information about her health. That gave me an idea what if my dad had gone to see mom? Was she awake? I grinned thinking that wasn’t possible if she’d been in a coma for 12 years! But then the record was 19. It was possible but why had dad been gone so long? Tomorrow was a saturday so I didn’t have school so I could go to the hospital to find out what happened. Today the school bully was there waiting by the wall. “You haven’t told anyone yet have you?” He said, giving me a scowl. “Why would I? You most likely kill me!” I shouted, holding the spot on my shoulder that had bleeded. “Please leave me alone. You are a complete jerk you know that?” I said. “Do you wanna bet on that?” He started walking toward me. He was about to punch me in the face when a man grabbed his hand. Well not a man he looked 13-14…ish. But boy was he my man! Jeeh 5th day of junior high and i already have a crush! “What are you doing Travis?” (Oh so that’s his name!) “Nothing.” Travis stammered. “Who is this? Is she in your class?” He asked Travis. “No.” I smiled trying to look cute. “You really are cute for a little kid!” “No, I am not a little kid! I am 12. I go to school here.” I Blurted out. “Oh…” He blushed realizing he had been mistaken. “You must be new here. Haven’t seen you in these hallways. See you later, cutey!” He walked off to this group of boys. “Eww!!!” Travis said as I walked home. I started running since the hospital is 7 minutes away… In the car… In no traffic. When i got there there was a lady at a desk. “Can i help you?” She asked. “Hi I am looking for Rorroh Elizebeth Churchel’s room.” I said trying to look as best like a grown woman. “Oh… How can I tell you this her room was found empty.” I gasped. “Was…Was there any other visits after the incident?” I closed my eyes hoping dad had come. “Actually yes, a short rude man.” That’s my dad Emily thought. “You can look at the room. Somebody is hunting you.” She whispered. I went up the stairs trying to look like a fine woman. Once I was out of sight I broke into a run. My dad could have left something for me to follow to him! But my smile turned around down the street when I saw the room. Blood used to write messages and maps. There was a picture of me and an x crossed over it. I almost screamed when I saw a bucket of blood in a corner.

Chapter 2
“Mom what have you done???” I whispered in horror. I backed out of the room slowly and took deep breaths. It could not have been my mom. My mom is awake and she came back out of a coma after 12 years or the dead? I backed into the wall by accident and screamed. “It’s just the wall, don’t freak yourself out. Dad must’ve found out!” I tried to calm myself down. “So… He must’ve come to inspect the area. But where did he go after that?” I then lost all of that tiny bit of hope I gathered. Then a hand reached out and touched my shoulder. “You’re the one! You’re the one! YOUR THE ONE!!!” Said a man… No scratch that he has pointy teeth. “I need to escort you to my boss.” I just stood there. “Come on! My boss said to look for… for you…” He pointed at the picture of me on the wall. “Did…Did you do that?” I stammered. “No time to explain. We must hurry! The lord will be here soon!” He said. “What???” He scraped the wall, tapped it twice and licked it. The wall freakin opened up! I thought. I looked at the short man. He looked like somebody from my favorite movie and book… Lord of the rings! “Hey are you Golum?” I asked, hopefully not making him mad. “Nooo! Iam Jolum!” “How do i say that?” Jolum sighed. “H-O-L-U-M. Jolum.” Jolum said. “Now hurry! We must hurry. The Lord will come and bring darkness to us all!” Jolum said with a look of pure horror on his face. I followed him into the darkness of the tube. He closed it behind him. “Lord Horror will be here soon.” Who the heck is this lord? Doesn’t sound like a very good one to me if we are hiding from her.” “No time keep crawling.” He gave my bum a little push “Oof!” I fell out of the tube into a room that looked like a ball. “I can explain it here. The lord is Horror itself. She has awoken after 12 long years and is hunting anyone who knows her secret.” He said. “But I didn’t know till you telled me!” I said. “You don’t know yet. You are the chosen one. You survived a year after you were 12. Not like all Lyanora’s.” “What the heck is a Lyanora!” I said. “You are of age you can finally know.” “THEN TELL ME!” I screamed. “You are a Lyanora. A mysterious creature. Your mom hunts them. She will kill you unless you learn Lyanora’s way.” He said. “What does that mean?” “You must learn from the Lyanora’.

Chapter 3
“This is crazy! I am getting out of here sir. Thank you for informing me.” I was halfway through the tunnel when I heard a crash. “Come here little girl! You are coming home. I found your daddy!” I heard a creepy voice say that made my spine tingle all the way to my neck. “Dad!?! Where is he?” A monster’s head appeared at the end of the tunnel. “Here!!!” The monster pulled a familiar face into the beginning of the tunnel. “I know you would never let anyone hurt your family! So come on…OUT!” I stumbled forward and felt myself being pulled. I looked around desperately for something to grab but all I saw was a small figure crawling faster toward me. I closed my eyes hoping it was Jolum but no. The monster was now dragging me on normal ground. But then the monster was flailed down onto the ground. And who was doing this? My dad. “You will not hurt my DAUGHTER!” My dad said. “Daddy! Where were you?” “Don’t worry about that Emily.” The monster was now regaining his balance. “Run! This is what I deserve for ever leaving you! Jolum get her to Halia!” Jolum grabbed me. “No!!! Dad! Don’t leave me again!” I screamed. “Emily…Emily i promise i promise i will be alright.” He disappeared around the corner and I heard my father scream. “Dad? Dad??? DAD!” I started crying. I noticed as my tears fell down my cheeks they drew together in one single huge drop. They were floating in the air. I used my hands and touched my teardrop. I realized I was controlling it. “Jolum is sad too. He lost master. He gave Jolum a book. He gave Jolum… Life. You see how you control water? You have the power of the Lyanora. Your dad did too.” Jolum said. I realized my dad had wanted to protect me from the truth because of the dangers that came with it. “Jolum who is Halia?” I asked. “Oh she is really nice. She treats us goblins like royalty.” “Oooh oooh! Are you like Dobby then?” I asked. “No he is not like all of us others. He has a wizard for master while i…i…i had Lynora for master.” He started weeping. “Get it over with. I need to figure out what’s wrong with my mom.” “Jolum wished I had a grown up Lyanora.” “What do you mean?” I said. I was a little more worried. “Jolum’s old Lyanora needs a replacement. The closest one is you and we have to take care of the same family so…” Jolum said. “Nooo!” I whined. Jolum felt a little better about himself after that.

“We better get to Hicreetia before it becomes night. The Nightmaster will probably have already set up a army looking for us!” “What’s a Nightmaster?” I asked. “The monster who chased us. It will probably kill Jolum first!” Jolum said. Emily started hiking toward Mount Cleveland. Jolum said Mount Cleveland is Hicreetia if anyone is asking. “How far is this place?” I asked while panting. “Not far.” He said while not panting or running. We arrived at a steep mountain that was guarded by a…DRAGON! “Jolum run!!!” I screamed. “Oh who did you bring now? A screaming chipmunk?” Asked the dragon. “No this is Emily, my new master. Sadly about 2 hours ago my old one died.” Jolum said. “Oh yay! Was it David? He was so annoying!” “Yes! Let’s celebrate! To dead David!” Jolum shouted, looking more cheerful than ever. I started crying. My dad was so loyal to them and yet they were acting like he was never there. My dad was gone! I never volunteered to have a part in any of this yet here I am. “Jolum. Lets go.” I said grumpily. “Jolum needs to go. Little girl needs me.” Jolum whispered to me after we were far away from the dragon. “Gabriella is a little grumpy when people don’t agree with her. Please try to get along with her. She lives near Hicreetia.” Jolum said. “Oh great! There’s a dragon living near here!” I yelled. Jolum walked between two trees and then disappeared! “JOLUM!?! Where the heck did you go?” “Jolum went into the tree pathway. Follow Jolum!” He popped his head right between the trees but the rest of his body was unseen. It was like something was between him and the trees but nobody was there. I slowly crept through the two trees and what do you know? There was a whole village behind it! “Woah…” I mumbled. There were streets full of people with… Leaves for hair! There were also lots of people with umbrellas. “Jolum? Where are…are we???” “You’re new home! Jolum can’t take care of wee little girl.” Jolum said. “Hey! For your information I’m 12!” I said. “Bye Emily…” He crept back into the portal like trees. “Wait!!!” I ran into the portal. On the other side Jolum… was gone. “The last thing I had to remember my dad…” I whispered to myself. Not the appropriate thing to do when you arrive at a magical village but i cried. My dad was gone, my mom is a psychopath. “I hate you stupid lyanoras! I never wanted to be someone who has a gift or power i hate hate HATE my stupid life!” I yelled holding my fist up and like i was a model for a fighting movie like that would do anything. All of a sudden my fist felt steaming hot like pressure was building in my arms and all of a sudden a mini fire ball was in the cups of my hands! “Stop the fire!” “Get her out of here!” “Stop you stupid kid!” Tuns of different people started yelling at me to stop. I started screaming in fear. “Help me!” The pressure was building and building in my arms like a volcano. Pain leaped from my arms and pain signals were being sent to my brain like switches being turned up and down to alert me although I kinda wish they didn’t. “I am coming!” A small lady about my size ran toward me. “Calm down. What are you mad about? Think about the good things in life. You will start feeling better after that. The pain is like a dial tone when you think of things you like the dial goes lower.” I thought about how my dad fed me baby carrots when i was little and said “Here’s your wittie carrot!” which always made me laugh. The pain slowly went away. “Thanks! Are you a Lyanora?” I asked. “Shhh! People do not like our kind. Have you ever heard of a wundersmith?” She asked. “No! Of course not.” I said. “They are like us but we got our powers from our ancestors. Nobody knows the real reason we got it all we know is we got it like a disease. Are you? Those powers are very much like mine.” She asked. “What’s your name?” “Maria.” Maria whispered. “I was taken here when i was 3 years old because a monster was chasing me 12 and a half years ago.” Maria whimpered. “You were taken here 12 years ago huh…” I knew it was my mom who attacked. I could get more answers then I could have thought Jolum could ever give me with that tiny mouth of his. “How did you get out alive?” I asked. “I used that fire skill you have there. It hurt. Bad. I attacked the monster.” “My mom…” I whispered. “Who?” “My mom… Is the monster. She attacked a little bit before I was born. She almost killed YOU!” I yelled. “Shh…. It’s okay I’m here now. You don’t seem at all like that… Beast.” Maria said. “MY MOM HURT SOMEBODY AS NICE AS YOU! SHES GONNA KILL ME!” I screamed. “No. cause I am here with you. To protect you. To take care of you.” Maria whispered. “Your home baby…” Maria whispered again while holding me and hugging me as much as she could. I cried getting all of it out. “Did my mom want me???” I cried. “I can’t say.” Maria looked ashamed. “Don’t look ashamed for i know as much…(Snif) That she doesn’t!” Then the water fountains came. “She HATES ME!” I cried. “No! She doesn’t” Maria picked me up and held me in her arms as if i was a child. A baby. “How can you do this? Hold me as if I weighed nothing?” I asked while still sniffing. “I will teach you in your lessons. To let go of pain.” “You are nice and I see no reason why my mom would kill or want to kill you.” I whispered to her. “Wait, I still have my phone!” I pulled it out and texted.
Hi! I missed you!” Javelina
Yay your back!”

Are you real? Please tell me you are alive!”

Dude calm down!”
How can i!?! I am a monster!
I wouldn’t hang with you if you were a monster.

I wouldn’t hang with a monster so u aren’t.

I started crying. I couldn’t actually hug her or anyone I loved. If i could i would even hug my monster mom.

Chapter 4

“Mom?” I prayed. “If you are out there and you still love me… Here’s the location of our hideout. Mount Cleveland.” I whispered. There was a huge boom and the screams happened. Whispered screams that weren’t really here were booming in my head like beatboxers. “Stop.” I whined in pain. “Mom is that you???” I cried. “If you love me please stop.” “Maria!!!” I shouted in pain. “Sweetheart!” I was sick of living here. It had been 5 months of sweetie, sweetheart, Honey, and baby. I just wanted to see that cute boy. I wanted to go home. Cry to my dad that I just wanted us to go back to a normal life. I started praying again but not to my mom to my dad in heaven. Magical things have happened every time I prayed here. Like when I heard the beatboxing booms. My life couldn’t stay like this. Maria’s life couldn’t stay like this either! She didn’t deserve running in pain! I made a hard decision. To spend my life running and defeating monsters to get to my mom. I started hiking towards the two portal-like trees. “Here i go!” I shouted and ran head first and ran through the portal-like trees. In 5 months mount Cleveland looked… Different. We weren’t quite at the top like in the middle instead. It was so… Green, beautiful, extraordinary, magnificent. More words then stars! It looked like the surroundings had changed. They had changed. “Hey where ya going? You didn’t think i didn’t put a tracker spell on you did ya?” Maria said appearing out of the portal. “Beautiful… Isn’t it? The next season we are supposedly going to one of Hawaii’s Volcanoes. Not active hopefully.” Maria said. “I have to teach you stuff before you make your journey.” Maria said. “You would let me?” I asked. “Yes! You need to be able to go back to school and still fight monsters when you need to.” Maria said. “Ready to harness your power?” Maria asked. “Yes!” I screamed. “Shh! Think of things that anger you.” I then imagined right away the Nightmaster that killed my dad. Right away I had a fire struck in my hands. “OW!” I screamed. “Think of both angry and happy feelings. Combine them and you will lose pain and be able to still use your powers.” Maria said. “I feel better.” I thought about me as a little kid playing in the fields eating grass! It always made me laugh when I was older. Infact what was doing now? Happy tears/big blobs floated around me. Maria gasped. “I’ve never seen that power before.” Maria said. “I also never use it on purpose, it just…Happens.” “Well love just happens so… Coinkidinky?” Maria said. “I have this boy who i love LIKE! Sorry sorry sorry!” I yelled. “Ooh somebody got a crush!” Maria laughed. “Good thing you can go back to your love wait crush!” Maria giggled more. “Wait, I can go back?!?” I yelled. “Yep.” Maria didn’t have a happy expression on her face. She seemed sad. “Maria?” I asked. “You are leaving. I felt like I had a friend. Someone who’s like me. Understands me.” Maria said. “You called me baby!” I yelled while laughing. “Well i will get a funk rail.” (Funk rails are like monorails but they always play funky music.) “Bye!” I yelled as I hopped on the Funky rail. We arrived at my house. Dad was nowhere to be seen. I forgot all about What happened to him.

Chapter 5
“Hi! Miss me?” I yelled to everyone . “You were only gone for like 1 year.” A random person yelled. “EMILY GRACE CHURCHEL! COME TO MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW.” I heard over the loudspeakers in my school. “Hi?” I thought they would be happy to see me. I blushed when everybody started staring at me. “Dang? I guess I gotta go?” I thought this was weird. When I arrived at the principal’s office he said to me “Sit down.” I sat and a million questions blurted from my mouth. “What’s happening? Why am I here? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me!” And many more questions pulled themself out of my mouth. “It’s ok, we just discovered something weird. Nobody was at your house. We got curious why you weren’t there.” My face turned pale. “Because….Because…. WE WENT ON A TRIP!” I blurted out. He said “Oh.” And showed me out. I thought “Phew!” I walked to math and found my teacher just staring at me. But guess who else I found staring? The dude who i liked but i forgot his name… Oh wait i never asked. “Hi!” The whole classroom except the guy who I forgot his name. He just stared. The teacher mumbled “Emily so not smart.” I wanted to speak up for myself but I couldn’t. I sat down at my school desk and whispered to the guy who I forgot his name. “Hey you never told me your name. What is it?” He smiled and said “Jack.” I smiled. Our teacher caught us just staring at each other and walked up and slapped us in the back of our heads. “Stop you young lovebugs back to work!” That made me blush. Jack did too. As I walked out of the school doors Jack walked up and asked me something weird. “Hey would you like to go to the spring fling with me?” He rubbed the back of his head and blushed. I almost wigged out in front of him and trust me you do not want to see me when I wig out! “I…i… YES!” I screamed. Everybody outside heading home that heard me turned to look. I blushed for the third time that day. I ran with my backpack and my school books in my hands grinning. Travis the school bully walked up to me and teased me. “You have a boyfriend! You have a boyfriend!” But Jack saw and walked up and said “What are you doing to her. “Nothing!” Travis blurted out. I made a weird face and ran back home. I arrived at my destination and freaked out realizing that the spring fling was in 5 days and he just asked me! My only dress had a huge tear in it and the only belonging of my dad was his anniversary photos, his birthday present from me and his wallet. WAIT HIS WALLET! I rushed to the clothes store and ran in. I picked out this lovely rose dress that was an easter dress but it was the only thing i could afford. I tried it on in the dressing room and it was absolutely beautiful. “Oh my gosh…” I whispered. It was the most beautiful thing that’s ever been on me. I walked to the register and put 40$ in it. The man near the register almost fainted. I felt like an adult. I felt like I was rich. Although when I looked into the wallet it only had a little over 5 100 bills in it. I walked back home and thought I might as well work on making a living out of this house.

Chapter 6
5 days later: I walked into the school building a little later than usual because i was preparing for the spring fling tonight. I was in my usual cardigan and shorts. I walked to science and after science math and aftermath music and after music you get it. Then I rushed home and put on my dress and grabbed my high heels cause I can’t run in those to school. When I arrived at school I slipped on my high heels and looked for Jack. It was so crowded and noisy I had to cover my ears. “JACK!” I called. “JACK!” I called again and I started crying cause I was worried he wasn’t going to come when a handsome teenager in a suit approached me. “Jack?” I sniffed. “Are you okay Emily?” He asked. “Yes Jack.” I smiled. We walked into the building and he asked me to Waltz with him. Then I discovered I couldn’t dance with him because I was too short. He was 5 feet and 3 inches and I was 4 feet and 2 inches. So we decided to just stick around and listen to the beats. “So you live near here?” I asked. “Yes I live near mount Cleveland. I am visiting for the year.” My face melted into a smear. My heart skipped a couple beats and I looked like I was mad. “Are you okay? You look like you’re gonna vomit.” My face turned into a weird i’m gonna vomit face and i spewed all over the floor. “I am so sorry!” I cried running out of the school doors. Jack ran after me. “It’s ok! You at least didn’t vomit on me. And besides you gave me a warning with that I’m gonna puke face! I don’t like you for only your looks! I like you because you’re kind, sweet, caring, and most of all smart!” I did something I regretted soon after. I quickly gave him a small kiss on the cheek. He blushed. “I am sorry was that not a sign?” I asked. “No it was.” He walked a little closer and gave me a hug. “I am sorry I said those things.” He said sarcastically. “Don’t make me… Ummm.” I said when I saw right behind Jack a tall monster. “Oh my gosh.” I whispered. Jack seemed to hear me because he said “What?” I freaked out and all of a sudden a huge bubble protected me and Jack. I knew exactly what to do after all my teacher was Maria! I thought angry thoughts and sad thoughts like how my dad had died 1 year ago and how that monster killed him. I used my hands as fire spurted out of them and whispered “Go destroy what hurt you…” As the fire bursted out from my hands and hit the monster the whole thing burst into flames! “What is that?” Jack asked. “Nothing we need to worry about.” I replied. Jack followed me. “You saved me! What do I owe you?” I turned around. I knew exactly what I wanted. “This.” I kissed Jack on the lips and he closed his eyes and removed his. “You are sometimes a little crazy!” He whispered to me. “Yeah you are too.”

Chapter 7
Jack held my hand as we walked to my house. On our walk home I told him everything I knew. “Woah that is… Horrible.” He said after I finished. “I know and my mother had my dad killed! And now my mom has multiple monsters killing people.” I sigh. “Yeah and i really mean horrible now!” I sighed again “Whenever people look at me they assume I am younger than I am. But you actually understand me right???” I whimpered. “I feel so much younger then I am. I don’t understand how I defeat these beast’s and the opportunity that Mar… My friend gave to me.” I cried. “It’s ok! I think that you are beautiful, amazingly smart, and awesomely fierce! I mean you have super powers you can control things that most people never imagined! Your you.” I leaped up and hugged him. “Thanks for believing in me Jack…” I whispered. We started to lean forward a little tiny bit and I felt like we were in sync. We both slowly closed our eyes and kissed each other. We slowly removed our lips and we just stared. I gulped. Had I done something wrong? I thought. “I gotta get home is that okay with you Em?” All of a sudden i went back in time to the moment my dad said this “Nothing you should worry about Em. Go back to bed.” I fell backwards as I went back to my time period. I was panting. “Dad…” I whispered. “Ok?” Jack started back home while I was on the ground in front of my house. “Dad?” I whispered again. I then said this “Family of mine come back to life just for a minute or just this once.” I whispered. My dad appeared right in front of me and said “What do you want?” He sounded grumpy. “Dad, I just need to tell you something.” I whimpered. “Then what is it?” I couldn’t tell him I just couldn’t! If i tell him i had a crush and i think now boyfriend he would freak out! He would be like Your only 13 you can’t have a boyfriend! Yep that’s exactly what he would say! “You have grown funnier!” My dad laughed. It’s like he read my mind, I thought. “Heaven gives us those advantages.” “What the frick!” He could read my mind and in my mind that was a bad thing. “So …you… that’s even worse i thought.
So you know i have a boyfriend?” I asked. “Yes.” He replied. “And you’re not mad at me?” I asked. “Yes i am not mad at you i am disappointed!” Oh no that is a whole lot worse! “Yeah i have gotten a lot more funnier i almost vomited on my boyfriend!” I made this weird flashy smile. “I am proud of you!” He made the same smile back at me. “Hey dude?!?” I said when I saw Jack walk off behind me. OH NO my dad is going to embarrass me! I thought. “Hello is this your dad???” Jack asked me. “YES HE’S MY DAD!” I yelled. “Woah what’s your deal? Did I spark something?” He asked, a little freaked out. “Sorry i am just worried. I mean you are my boyfrien… Whoops! My friend!” Jack smiled. “I don’t mind being your boyfriend.” He laughed when I had this weird face. “Jack, I am only 13… You are 14 should we still be friends? I don’t know if it’s illegal to be friends when you are 1 year older than me.” I complained. “You sure?” He said while shaking his head. “Come on Jack lets go on a walk.” I flicked my fingers once and dad disappeared. I smiled. So Jack you wanna go on a movie date?” I asked with a cheesy grin. “Yes madam.” He said while giggling.

Chapter 8
We walked into the movie theater and put in our tickets. Ordered some popcorn and walked into the place where so many people had their first romantic kiss. I had a sudden emergency that was not supposed to happen in front of boys. It Embarrassed me most of all. I started my period while snuggling in a chair next to him. Not my first period, my 7th this year. “Oh my gosh what’s happening? Your bleeding Emily!” I ran away from Jack who was chasing after me wanting to help. “You know what Jack? Just go home. I need to take care of this on my own.” I cried thinking I had ruined our relationship at the movie theater. The next day: (YAWN!) I got out of bed forgetting all about my bad day yesterday. And then I remembered… All of it. My little fight with Jack and how I had my period all over him well actually not all over him. Just you could see it on my pants. I huddled up hugging my legs to my face as I cried in my bed all alone. My parents are gone. I hardly had any money. I no longer felt like I was happy with my life. Then when I heard a meow outside of my window. I looked up to find a siamese ragdoll staring down at me. That was what I needed! Company! I opened my window and quickly snatched him. As I grabbed him he hissed and bit me! “Augghh!” I screamed as blood dripped down my arm. He bit me… Hard… I managed to keep my grip on him though. I put him down and as i followed him as he strolled around our house i felt a connection to him even though he bit me. I picked him up and petted him. “Hello beautiful!” I said as I stroked his beautiful fur. “I’m gonna name you… Cordelia!” I exclaimed as I thought of my mom’s favorite flower. I heard our doorbell ring. “Hold on, I gotta get this.” I replied to the purring cat as I left him he kept on kneading on my blanket. I opened the door to find Jack. He looked a little nervous and he was blushing. He mumbled. “I saw you talking to your cat.” I then blushed. Then I stood up for myself and said what I wanted to say. “Hurry up!” I replied to his all innocent face. “What?” He asked. “I know you want to just get rid of me after what i did to you!” I cried. “I’m alone and sad so i’d rather just get it over with.” I screamed. “No. Emily… I love you. I’m not leaving you and if you’re alone just come to our house.” He said with this really happy excited face. “I could introduce you to my parents!” He yelled really excitedly. “Nuh uh. In books that part always goes wrong with love. Either they disapprove of it or… separate us… I don’t want that. You’re the only person in my life who understands me or cares about me. Other than my…Dad but he’s… Dead so he doesn’t count.” I tried to smile but I ended up crying. “HE’S GONE jACK! HE’S GONE!” I cried. “Don’t worry in most fairy tales it ends in a happy ending.” He said. “This isn’t a fairytale jack this…Is…Life.” I added to his fairy tale sentence. Jack sighed. “If i can’t help i might as well leave.” He started walking away. “Wait! I need something. I think it will make me feel better.” He stopped walking and turned around. “What is it?” Jack asked. “Me and my mom used to listen to this song. We danced to it actually.” I replied. “Then let’s dance.” He smiled. I opened up my phone and played Fur elise. “Let’s start.” He twirled me around and i ran to the otherside of the yard and ran towards him he picked me up (And since it’s really easy to pick me up since i weigh almost exactly 50 pounds) He assumed that i weighed more and it felt like assuming there’s another stair at the top and then stomping down on it. It feels so weird! I think that’s how he felt. He spinned in circles with me in the air as Fur elise played. I always liked this part because i felt like i was flying but then, “PUT ME DOWN!” My tummy was not taking the spinning. He quickly put me down and I went into a bush to vomit. I wiped my face and said, “I think we’re done for now…” I ran into my house and striped down and picked out some new clothes for the day.

Chapter 9
I ran outside as the day grew lighter to find Jack looking at me like I farted. And seriously that is not a good look for somebody so handsome. “Come on dude we gotta get to school!” I ran back in and grabbed my backpack. “Come on! We are gonna be late!” I yelled at him because I felt too much under pressure. I thought that I could have been the smallest person in the universe. I ran as Jack ran besides me. “Running period starts first…” I read off of my schedule for school. “Music starts second then third is math the fourth is gym then…UGH! Science!” Jack smiled. “Well yeah science rocks. But running starts first??? Dang. Then you’ll be all sweaty when you go to the band!” We were greeted by some handsome guy who I had no idea who was. “Hello madam would you like to go to the next school dance with me?” I looked at Jack and he smiled and said “Go for it! It will be good for you!” Jack says as the new guy takes me by the hand and walks off. 2 hours later: I have gained more knowledge. This dude’s name is David. He goes to a boarding school far away and is just visiting for today to see if he wants to switch. He is crazy though. “Would you like to go on a date with me?” I shake my head quickly. Then just as Jack walks into the hallway he smooshes me against my locker and kisses me! My eyes almost explode and Jack gasps and almost cries and runs away. I yank David off of me and kick him in the knuts. He has this look on his face that says “Oh my gosh i think she broke something.” Yeah I would have actually enjoyed breaking something. I think as I run after Jack. “Jack wait Wait!” I grab his shoulder. “What do you think you were doing?” He said with a look of horror on his face. “It’s not my fault! It’s Davids!” I say pointing at David as he smiles back at me all innocently. “I will never love him! I only love you. You understand me, you never underestimate me. You love me don’t you?” Jack looks at me. “It just hurts my feelings that you kissed him.” He looks at me with disgrace. “I DIDN’T KISS HIM! HE KISSED ME FOR GOD’S SAKE I KICKED HIM IN THE KNUTS!” He giggled. “Knuts!” He laughed. “It’s not funny!” I yell. I was now frustrated because now I was the one who was mad at him, not him mad at me. “You know I still love you.” Jack called as I walked off. “ You can be a pain in the butt sometimes though. I call back.

Chapter 10
Jack walks up to me and tells me something I will never forget. “You are beautiful,smart,strong,and sometimes a little violent. But otherwise you are more than a million words! Think of the possibilities. You’re amazing and I want you to remember those words.” Jack replied to my totally amazed face. “Jack, I love you!” He opened his arms and I ran into them. I needed that hug. And the kiss he gave me afterward. It made me feel so much better. I leaned backwards and rocked on my tippy toes. Blushed and added this really sweet but harsh comment “I would never have survived Travis if you hadn’t blocked his punch.” I knew then what
Jack was going to ask. “Would you like to try that first date over again?” I replied with a very firm “Yes.” Which ended our conversation and whenever we saw each other I blushed or he blushed. I walked outside of the school doors and for several hours I waited for him. Until…A bomb went off. I was blasted several feet away from where I was. Hmm nothing broken. Then I realized Jack could be hurt. I ran into the building or what was left of it. It looked like a small bomb because there were still parts of the ceiling left. I saw lots of injured kids. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. “Please come! A bomb, just went off at my school!!!” I screamed into the phone. I desperately looked around for one person in mind. I finally saw a teenager I recognized strangled on the floor. “JACK!” I screamed. I was going to find who did this and kill him or her! I thought. “It’s all right Jack.” I said to him as he moaned and whimpered. And I thought I heard him moan “Mommy!” I cried as he was taken away from me to go into the hospital. As I put my hand where my heart would have been on my chest. “Jack…” I whispered. I then saw David in the clearing. “How did you survive the Bomb?” I yelled. “I have my ways.” He then took out a knife. Or she. I realized that the boy’s hair was getting longer and browner. “Mom?” I asked. But then I knew who it was. I watched in horror as my mom transformed into her real self not some boy. “You kissed me! That’s illegal! Parents can’t kiss their kids on the lip. You tried to separate us! You separated Jack and me so you could murder me?” I asked, watching her as her face melted into her real face. “No sweetheart.” My mother replied. I was having a panic attack. “Come here mommy’s here!” She called out to me. I slowly walked over into her open arms. “Its okay mom’s here.” SLICK! My eyes were wide open as i felt pain in my side. (Gasp gasp) My mother had stuck her knife in my side. “Mom…How…Could….You?” I said as I went unconscious. I woke up to find my dad right next to me. “You can’t die my little Jelly bean. You are meant to destroy your mother and make the world a better place. Now go do that.” The white light went away as I woke up in the hospital surrounded by the Doctor Javelina and Jack. “WHAT?!?! The thing that went beep stopped because you were dead! YOU’RE ALIVE!” Javelina said as she hugged me. “Ooh!” I moaned as she touched my side. I noticed taking in my surroundings that Jack had his arm in a sling and was really looking strangely at me. “Jack? Are you okay?” I asked. “I was so worried about you Emily. As Javelina said I was freaked out when the thing that went beep stopped.” I sighed. “I thought i wouldn’t get to say i love you again!” He ran up and gave me a huge kiss and hug. I slowly stopped and I saw his face. Tears rolling down his cheeks, his mouth shaped a d on its right upside down as he gave me the biggest hug ever known to mankind. “You know i just met you like a month ago.” I said. “I don’t care, I love you.” Jack replied.
Chapter 11
We were at the school fair Jack and me as we watched the science experiments explode with vinegar or epsom salts. “Jeesh the things people can make!” I whispered. “Wait till you see my little brothers experiment!” I was scared for this moment because as I said in love storys everything goes wrong. I quickly held Jack’s hand and looked away. “What do your parents look like?” I asked. “Tall, Both have dark brown hair. Oh and they both have glasses!” He exclaimed. “Nice to know…” I sighed as we walked to meet two nice people. “Hello this is Emily. Me and her well like…Each other.” His parents had this weird look on their faces. “Yeah ok honey nice to know you finally have a girlfriend!” Said his dad. “Boy squad!” They both yelled as they bumped butts. I gasped as I noticed his dad had a hole in his pants so I saw his well. Underpants… I couldn’t tell him but if i let the whole public know by not telling him… What should i do? “Hey umm… Excuse me mister umm…” But i was interrupted with this “Robert. Mr Robert please.” Mr Robert said. “Please then Mr Robert… Please take a look at your….Pants…” I was very worried but at least I did good. “OMG! Thank you Honey I am going home to fix it. “BOOM!” My mom exploded out of the ground. “Oh my gosh! Jack we gotta go.” I quickly grabbed Jack’s hand as Mr Robert Jacks Mom and me rushed away into the car. Jack’s hand started to sweat. “STOP SWEATING!” I yell. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT I SWEAT WHEN I SWEAT BECAUSE I SWEAT!” He yells back. “I thought that you were dead!” I hear my mom scream. “She was dead for a few seconds until she came back!” Jack yelled back. “Jack that sounds stupid.” I reply. “Oh come on!” He replies even more seriously. We run for our lives as my mom searches the crowds for one person in the crowd that was probably me. Once she saw me she took out her knife and Jack saw. She threw her knife. SLICK! I didn’t feel any pain. I then looked down at Jack panting on the ground with a knife in his chest. “Jack!” I cried, shaking him. “We gotta run!” I cried trying to help him get up with all my might. But my mom had caught up. “Noo!” I was so angry that flames bursted from my chest as my anger was down in my heart where Jack was… “YOU WILL NOT HURT JACK!” I scream as fire hits her. “Auuuggghhh!” She screams as her skin melts. “Well that was easy…” I mumble. “Yes because you are powerful.” Maria walks up behind me and gives me a hug.” But I felt it wasn’t my Maria. And right before a knife hit me I grabbed her arm. Just as the real Maria taught me, I let go of pain enough to pick her up. “What?” My mom asked. I slammed her on the ground as the rocks crumbled creating a hole. I saw a black shadow creep out of her body and run away. “Mom?” I asked. “Who are you?” She asked. I ran to her and gave her a hug. “Oh mom, “I am your daughter! I have so much to tell you!” I say as we walk off home. I now had company. But what was that shadow? I asked myself. Meh. I decided.

Chapter 12
5 months later: “Hey mom? Did you know i have a boyfriend?” My mom of course replies with a no since she has been in this trance for 12 years and she has only heard me say a couple words. “Well good for you.” She replied. She was still getting over the fact that she had been in a trance. There was a ding dong as the doorbell went off. Jack was right there. I saw part of his bandage from where my mom had hit him. He had healed miraculously after being in the hospital for 5 months. He want and fought through it and look at him now! “Jack!” I scream as I run and give him a hug. I accidentally touched the spot where he had gotten injured. “Ow!” He cries. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Jack!” He shakes his head. “It’s okay Emma.” (He had made up some nicknames for me.) We walk off as the sun sets to find Clarice. His friend. TO BE CONTINUED!