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Dedication: I want to dedicate this story to all the people who are struggling with some difficulty.... c

Good Morning, I’m Claudia Pisano from Italy, I’m contacting you, because I want to share my beautiful and at the same time sad story that involve me and my first son Riccardo

I want to give back to the community all I’ve learned and I’m learning trough my experience. My story starts with the birth of my son Riccardo on may 1st 2003 when, during the birthing process his was starving of oxygen, which resulted in a very severe brain injury. I was confused and scared because I couldn’t see his future: I lived the first years with a big fear of failure, but I needed to open my eyes on what was happening in my son’s life, because he was slowly dying. I realized that only with a big amount of courage I would changed everything, because the love of a mother for his son is stronger of any fear! I was at the bottom of my life and I started climbing my ladder thinking what I could do to improve my son’s lifestyle. I’ve learned to isolate and reframe limiting beliefs that have held me back, and I started to gain courage and face my life starting thinking that I could do anything 🙂

About 12 years ago, Riccardo had a bad pneumonia and then I realized that he needed to move his body in a standing position so, I’ve conceived and developed my ideas and I’ve invented and built with the help of my father a machine that helped out my son to move his body standing independently and walking despite his severe brain damage and the consequent accentuated hypertonicity that rendered him totally immobile. Riccardo’s been using this device for 10 years and his joints are elastic and he’s no calcification. Riccardo’s disability, opened up my eyes to other things that mattered. Over time I’ve realized that there are thousands of people with disabilities that feels inadequate and struggles with moving their bodies, fights everyday to survive to their condition and bad feelings. My story and my consequent invention (that I named after my son “RiccaVita”) are only the beginning of the changing I’m doing in my life, I want to inspire people that must move forward no matter what happens in their lives, because every single human being has a great value inside and we must be aware of it. My invention get U.S. and European Patent (I’m still trying to develop it). My son inspires me also to pursue my dreams and with the aim to raise funds for my machine, I’ve write a fantasy novel for young and adult that has been published in Italy, and I’m looking forward to find somebody who can help me to translate my book in English and spread it. I’m studying Neuro linguistic Programmation because I wan to become a Coach so I can speak in public explaining through my story that each one of us have a great value and we need to understand and realize how to release the power that makes us unique.

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Claudia Pisano

I'm a mother of four, I'm living with my children and I'm doing all the best I can for them. After Riccardo's birth, I've faced a lot of difficulties, and over time I've reinvented myself... I'm also planning to improve my English language. My life is not simple, but I know that my will is strong and I can achieve everything. Love and bless to you. Claudia Pisano