How being a cursed child & bullying turned me into Motivation

Dedication: To all the girls in the world who are going through the same situation, to hold on because there is always second chance in life and to focus on their dreams Because God's work in surprising way.

Chris Viviane M is name, I was Born in Rwanda, raised in Uganda because of the War which forced my family to escape from Rwanda. Before that, I’m from family of 6 children, five of them died they were all boys, I’m the only one survived & because of this, my mom thought i was a cursed child & abandoned me, left me with my father, when i was just 3 years old. that she can’t continue with cursed family, which is full poverty sleeping empty stomach everyday ,with no future. without even feeling sorry as a mother.

Hook: When i found out why she abandoned me, this is something i kept with me for the rest of my life, wondering why me? & something that made me not give up but wanted prove her wrong one day. even though i had no resource.
here is the link on event i just finished.

Thank you.

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Chris Viviane M

Chris Viviane, she is a mother, a wife and certified Motivational speaker. i joined Motivational field to motivate pwople who were born like me also those who are going through rough time. More of my work If you would like to connect with me you can also find me on Facebook chris viviane. CEO Chrisblvs Charity Inc.