We are not lost causes our stories can change!

My childhood was overwhelmed with sexual, emotional and physical abuse as well as being exposed to violence and criminal activity by my parent.

I fell pregnant at 14 in care by my ex partner who later went on to be my perpetrator during my second pregnancy.
By the the time I was 19 I had lost my children to adoption and was fighting to keep my 3rd child despite my battles with mental health, trauma and isolation.

After 5 years of fighting and accessing therapy, my son and youngest daughter were discharged from children services and I have now gone on to contribute to the reform of family proceedings in the uk, deliver training to social workers and key workers and took part in the Kempe’s centre international call to action child welfare virtual event.

To make things even better through my experience of fighting for my 3rd child I was able to build a secure bond with my foster carers who have in turn become my parents.

Through this journey I am learning that the battle never stops with managing my mental health and trauma but with support therapy and a second chance I am worthy, I am resilient and can change narrative.

I’d like to share this story and give hope to anyone who is going through similar.
Photo credit: Photo provided by the storyteller.

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Azariah Hope

A mother of 4 parenting 2 an advocate for international reform of family and care proceedings. A lived experience consultant And author of my first poetry Ebook “Through Hope’s Eyes”