Dedication: I Would deticate to myself

i am a girl living in pakistan. who has ups and downs in her life.who cry gets happy and feel all the emotions like a mature teen. i suffered from fake freinds. i have no sister. i have no one to share my pain with. sometimes i feel like to end my life, but then i start thinking about my parents and brothers that how will they live without me this thought leaves me to live my life. i was in 6th grade when some boys started to harrass me . in my life k h and e became my bff but as time passed they started caliing me close freind,then casual and now we are just strangers . i mean the promises k made me were a lie. when i asked her that why she said i was her bff she told that”we were not close,i was taking a trial,i gave it to everyone to see if they were my type or not”.i i was broken yes it only takes 10 seconds to be happy or broken. i wish i could rewind those 10 secondsi wish i wouldnt make her freind.i wish i wasnt attached with her.i wish that day i shouldnt talk to her.i wish she wasnt the part of my feels so bad when u cant force someone to stay with u