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I have been involved with GOTRBA for the past 3 years as a board member and I am continued excited and full of joy at what this organization does for girls and women. As a “wannabe” runner for a good portion of my life I had decided to try running at the age of 43 by running the Kaiser 5k in San Francisco. Being overweight my whole life I never thought I could run let alone finish a 5k. At the end of the race, I just cried with accomplishment. I was hooked

I hadn’t heard of GOTR until two events happened simultaneously; the program came to my daughter’s elementary school (she is a GOTR alumni!) and a colleague of mine became a running buddy. Once I learned about the program and saw my daughter gain pride in who she is, I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization.

The greatest joy for me is at the 5k where these amazing girls finish the run with a sense of accomplishment and pride that is palpable. I cry every time. Every. Time.

It is my privilege to be a part of this organization and I am proud of what we do every day.

Girls on the Run International and Say It Forward are committed to the empowerment of girls everywhere. We believe that every girl has an important story to share – a story of determination and perseverance, a story that can inspire others to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that keep them from reaching their fullest potential. We are also committed to empowering the women who invest their time and energy in these girls.

We invite you to share your story at Say It Forward and to keep in touch with us via Twitter and FacebookGirls on the Run International Facebook and Twitter. All stories written by girls are shared with the permission of a parent or guardian. Girls’ first names only are posted with their stories.

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Rosalind Cohen-Baruch

I am a mom, wife, runner, foodie, NY transplant currently living in SF.