Narcissism,bullying,abuse,domestic violence and trauma

Dedication: I dedicate this book to the greatest hero I have ever known… My Nonno Carmelo... If it wasn’t for you always believing in me, I would not have been able to rise above everything. You'll never be forgotten, and you're forever missed.

Hello, my name is Rosa. I have recently published a book called Trapped inside my mother’s mirror, I have a passion for Youth and would like to share it with you so it helps others.

As a child I experienced a very hard upbringing. I was born with a cleft palate, my mother was a violent narcissist, and I was bullied constantly both at home and school. I also married a man with very similar traits to my mother. This book is about survival and social conditioning. I was pre-programmed and conditioned to think that I was always at fault…It wasn’t until I gained the courage to question my own life. This is my story of overcoming adversity and change. I wrote a book entitled ‘Trapped Inside My Mother’s Mirror’ and it outlines my experiences and what I came to understand as I learned that my thoughts were not my own. My hope is to reach as many people as possible and give them hope that they too can change. It’s a book about courage and what I had to do to change my life.

It is vital for people to have hope. So many people live their lives and wish for something better, but they feel that they haven’t got the power to do so. Awareness and knowledge is vital. First, we must be aware that we can change, and secondly, we need the knowledge to do so. This is where courage comes into play. Social conditioning determines people’s outcomes in life. We believe what we’re told and we observe everything. This is called conditioning and it moulds us, creating our personalities and beliefs. Problem is, that such beliefs are not our own. They can be thrust upon us with little regard for who we are. The end result is that we live our life through others opinions and attitudes. We need to examine who we are and what we believe. Freedom is making our own choices, but to do so we might need to unravel the web of lies others said at a time when we were vulnerable.

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