reconcile me

Dedication: My better self hidden somewhere

How should I begin….. Okay it all began when I was young maybe I was 11 then, I regretted the day for eavesdropping, regretted the day for asking…. Regretted the day for giving it a try, slowly slowly slowly it builds from the plucked fruit to the spoilt waste, I did for first, second, third, fourth till a becomes habit, till it steals my time, till its destroying me. I can’t change now, I haven’t given up on myself yet but it’s killing me inside, it’s like a suicide to me not a murder, I have tried reconciling but here I am again, I have made a lot of promises to my mom my siblings but again I am here, still here again, hope I stop before it stopped me, am alone now, I left all my friends and hold onto this?, I am sorry mom, I am sorry dad, I am sorry siblings but no one can ever understand how challenging it is