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When i was 3 years old my parents had got divorced, I have never known why they did until now. I’m only 11 years old right now but theres to much on my mind and i need to get this out. My cousin told me that my mother had attempted suicide after my brother was born, by jumping out of my dads car. I was pretty shocked when i heard, this just yesterday, actually, and i’m still taking it in.. luckly shes still alive. But as I became 4 I moved into my grandmothers house, because we didn’t have much money, there lived my grandmother, two cousins, aunt and uncle. I slept in my younger cousins room, she was 10 at the time i moved in, but even though it was a nice house lots happened there. I cant go into details but i was sexualy abused by my cousin, the one i had to sleep with. Its confusing but i was told if i told anyone I would be in big trouble, and i fell for it. along the time of that they ended up cutting my hair off, until it was about a boys haircut, and i dont think im revealing to much but yes i am a girl but the only thing i remembered from that day was my aunt showing me a picture of a girl with long hair and saying “when you learn to take care of your hair, you can look like this” my father never knew about this. My dad was always traveling to china and mexico and would stay for 1-2 weeks. But eventually i got out of the house, and that was when i was 7, my cousin kept doing things until the day i moved out, this actually was the cousin that told me about my mother yesterday. But when i moved out eventhing was pretty normal until 3rd grade, there was a girl let call her savannah, so i though “savannah” was very good at drawling and i wanted to learn how she drew, so i asked her and she said yes. Eventually then came her birthday, and of course she invited me because she was my best friend keep in mind im still 7. But there was another girl coming we will call her abby, and she was the whole reason this started in the first place but imma just get to the point. So when we got there we all went to the big bedroom where we would be sleeping, and there was a big closet in there so.. abby put me and savannah in the closet and had the other girls come in, but they made specifically me and savannah do ‘things’ together. I tried running away one time but abby caught me and i enevr told anyoen about that day. But like the dumb child i was i went back this went on for about 2 years and a half, so 5th grade i made new friends that i knew savannah hated so she would stay away, and suprisingly it worked, and at that time I was 10 years old. I stayed with them until covid came and it felt pretty free. But i had my step-mom i never really got into details with her but shes- a little mean- but thats ok im 11 now and shes a bit nicer to me now. I’m just hoping i’m done with all of that stuff until i have to go to the freshman center of course.. But thank you for reading this if you did, so if somethings happening just speak up- thats the mistake I made, even if someone does not believe you keep going until you find help.

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