My Life.

Hello!My name is A,and I am 13 years old.My life was going great,until the age of 7 years old.That’s when my mental and social health started going downhill.Let me tell you how.When I got my first computer,I installed Discord,and there,I met 2 boys named M and F.They ruined my entire life.It all started fine,we were good friends and all,until suddenly they started threathening me with my IP Adress and all my social accounts.I was scared,I did not know what to do.They started requesting stuff to do and send them to give my accs back.They asked me to picture my parents and send them,and they would make sick jokes about them,force me to watch p()rn at 7 years old(got an addiction from it,and can’t stop watching it now) .After I did some requests from them,they finally let me go,I saved up money and bought a new router,created new accounts and it all stopped.After that,I got anxiety and memory loss,with p()rn addiction since today.I am the quiet,no friends,nerd,weird guy in my school,and I wish I didn’t accept that friend request in that day.This is my life story,in a couple words.