My Kind Of BeYOUtiful

Dedication: To all women who feel hopeless .. here is some hope

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to rape.

I’ve got a testimony so powerful you won’t understand me at all! A true testament that “blessings in disguise “wasn’t just something someone made up to keep us hopeful . They most definitely endured a trial so difficult there couldn’t have been any light at the end of the tunnel .. until there was light …

People have asked me why I would share something so personal that should be kept private with the world ?

I explain that I was born destined to have 0 privacy . I’m an open book not one thing I want to keep private. I feel very comfortable telling my story and how I over came an encounter with evil that people when people hear my story they cringe when they even think of the possibilities.

I am a survivor and thriver ! I took my power back 30 years ago when I was introduced to a photographer who promised me a big future in modeling : and i saw the stars …

I was 17 years old I left home at 15 due to inappropriate behavior by my grandfather and one of my dad’s friends and I ran from all the mental & physical abuse we were in. I had an 18 your old boyfriend I was living with at the time I was presented the offer .

To make the long story short . I took the offer went to take pictures in what I was told to wear .( a 2 piece bathing suit) got there and it wasn’t long before I was made to undress and you can figure out the that time I knew i would die there was no way after all he had done he’d leave me alive .but he did .

He let me go with a threat to find me if I told anyone so I didn’t until i found out i was pregnant . 9 months later I delivered a beautiful baby girl who was born from this terrible sin against me . Everyone said I shouldn’t keep her . But I did . She’s now 31 my blessing in disguise. My baby girl … and I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life .

She’s gave me my first grandson is married to a wonderful Christian man . She’s happy and confident even dispite the circumstance. She’s not angry or bitter about anything bc I raised her right and loved her as much as the 3 that came after her .

There is power in the things we tell ourselves we can’t give our power to anyone else ..if I would have done what everyone said I should do than I wouldn’t have ever seen my life in this beautiful view. All glory to God who makes all things beautiful and works all things out for those who pursue him .

Meet my baby girl & see how no matter the mess you can still someday use it to bless others and that is another true blessing .

My daughter and I are very public about this so I’m not invading her privacy . We’ve done some podcast and little things but it’s a message you can’t just keep to yourself testimony means to testify and testify means to serve as evidence or proof of something’s existing or being so I’m doing just that.

I hope this will bless you today !

~ Photo credit: Images provided by the storyteller.

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Rachel Leon

I am a house wife and mother with a blended family of 7 . I successfully raised my 4 awesome children who are all grown married with families of their own . You couldn’t say or do a thing That would surprise me at all . I’ve had encounters with scariest of people , let me correct myself I’ve been in the precence of the purest form of evil. I’ve found myself in some of the loneliest places had to hide in corners and all the dark places , you wouldn’t believe the places I’ve been . All the people who hurt me that I’ve had to forgive so that I can smile like this and truly live . On most days I rise and some days that I fall but I made my decision, I’m overcoming it all