You’re never too old to play with dolls.

Dedication: I am dedicating this story for people out there who feel that they are too old to play with dolls. But not only dolls you're never too old to do anything.

Have you ever felt that you’re too old to be playing with dolls? Or if people find out that you play with dolls, they will judge you? Thats how I felt ever since I can remember I loved playing with dolls I felt I could express myself. I would give my dolls names and I would have a mom, Dad, a big sister or younger sister it was like my very own roleplay. I used to spend even hours playing with my dolls I would play family, school etc. But everything changed as I started to get a little bit older, I kept playing with dolls, but I would always worry that one day I would worry that I would grow out of dolls. I thought I was too old to be playing with Barbie dolls I thought it was embarrassing because the other girls my age probably didn’t play with dolls. Another reason that I worried was because if I would ever invite one of my friends to my house, they would see my Barbie dolls and Barbie Dream House. So, I thought that maybe the solution was to hide my Barbie dolls whenever they would come over to my house, but the Barbie Dream House would be way too hard to hide because it was really huge. I felt that it was hard to decide between getting rid of my Barbie’s and Barbie Dream House or keeping it. So, I got gave my Barbie dolls and Barbie Dream House to other children in the end I was really sad because I still wanted to keep the Barbie’s and the Barbie Dream House. Honestly it was emotional saying goodbye to a toy I had played with so long, but eventually I got over it and yes, I did grow out of Barbie’s. But I have to confess that a part still feels like a child. A part of me would walk into a store to the toys isle and look at Barbie dolls. And whenever I go to the supermarket, and I pass by the toy isle I remember that part of me that would spend an hour looking at Barbie dolls and playsets. Now the moral of the story I’m telling you is don’t ever think your too old for anything because you aren’t. You’re never too old for anything so there is never an age too old for a doll. So, I’m telling this story so whoever is reading this will know that they’re never too old to play with dolls.