My Journey to recovery

Dedication: To everyone who is a part of my support group.

Hello everyone my name is Crystal, I am 17, and I was named BGC (Boys and Girls Club) YOY (Youth of the Year). My YOY journey so far has been life-changing. It has shown me who is there and who isn’t there for me. When I was about 5-7 years old my dad did some bad stuff to me. I didn’t remember it until I started this new therapy called EMDR. My brain was protecting me by making me push that memory down so far to where I forgot it. Throughout my life even when I was a baby DSS was in my life. I was removed 3 times from my bio-parents. The last time I didn’t go back. I was 13 when I was put into foster care. At first, I didn’t like it because I wanted to be with my parents, but as I grew up I learned that they couldn’t take care of me. They were not able to protect me from SH or attempt to KMS. When I was put into foster care I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I had to learn to talk about how I was feeling every day. I learned how to use my voice and stick up for myself.

About a year and a half of being in foster care my foster mom got full guardianship of me. I tell everyone that I’m adopted because it’s easier. I believe my mom is the reason I am who I am today. If it wasn’t for her I believe I would be in a much darker place than I am.

From the time I could talk to age 13, I held all of my feelings in. My sister passed away in 2015 at age 11, I was 8. Her passing away was probably the start of my depression. Besides what my dad did.

I hope my story can help a lot of people because mental health disorders are a big deal. I want to be the voice for those who have yet to find theirs. Nobody should have to go through anything alone like I had to. I wasn’t alone, but I felt alone.

Through all of this, I found God to guide me.

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Crystal Davidson

I am 17, I am on track to graduate high school with an associate's degree in engineering. I plan on having my own business building flying cars in the future. I love to make friends, and I love God.