My Journey From “A ‘SCRATCH’ to A ‘STAR’ “

Hello, It’s Suchismita Ghoshal addressing her life’s story to motivate the distressed people out there who think they will always be stagnant on the point of failure.
Hailing from a small city, Malda in West Bengal, I always dream high to touch the sky keeping my feet to the ground. My schooling was completed from Barlow Girls High School in Malda. I have completed my graduation in Bio-Science stream. I pursued an Advanced Diploma course in Computer Application too. Now I’m 23 and pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from one of the most coveted private universities, Gd Goenka University, Gurgaon.

I’ve always been a curious soul from childhood and used to observe things intensely. I used to feel a great connection with nature. I consider myself as a philanthropist by heart, a nature lover, a die-hard believer of humanity and an avid follower of supreme soul. Being god-gifted with such qualities, I also thank God for giving me the boon of being an avid reader, writer, poet, scribbler, essayist, book reviewer, storyteller and a published author. I’ve been in this literary field since 4 years and love to write poetry, short stories, articles and anything that inspires me. I enhance my writing skills by feeling each and every incident through my heart.

Here comes my real journey of being the version of who I am today. Just like others, I too didn’t have a smooth past. From witnessing my father’s deteriorating health and getting completely disconnected from his own business to my mother’s single-handedly taking the responsibilities of my family, I grew up as a mature minded woman. Then comes the complications made by my own relatives who had never stopped bad-mouthing about my parents and tried to witness the ecstasy of clashing between these two. I, being a toddler was scared how my parents fought for the misconceptions forcefully grown by neighbours, outsiders and our very own ‘relatives’. Domestic violence was in its peak and people laughed behind our back taking the advantage of seeing us completely shattered. Nights spent like horror series and with the rolls of sobs, it made us vulnerable on the verge of getting dilapidated. At the age of playing with dolls, I used to think, act and talk maturely and turned as the helping hand of my mother. Her tears used to make me both vulnerable and determined to achieve a goal since childhood. I used to excel in my studies as every exam I’d appeared, my mother’s helpless face and my father’s health declination haunted me more. There was a time when I was in high school and faced a series of bullies, torments for having acne on my face and so on. On top of it, I had faced the darkest things when I was molested twice at the age of 11 and 16. These two times not only peeled off the happiness from my life but besmirched my strength and confidence from its core. I used to fear touches and people. I had a phobia on getting closer with anyone and this definitely affected my romantic relationships later on a long term. My terrible experiences sucked all the happy juice out of my life.

I won’t say everyone was bad as I got a few amazing friends who supported me throughout. In my adolescents, back-stabbing, betrayal and trust issues in relationships had made my life a living hell. Still, I stood strong, made myself flexible and proceeded further with the thoughts of rectification for my own mistakes. But life had more in stock for me to totally destroy my soul. Since december 2018, this strong woman felt totally shattered suffering in depression, as if life had touched a gun over my head and I remained separated from my peers , absolutely desolate when writing healed me slowly as a light of hope. I feel really ashamed that being reckless, I tried to attempt suicide for 3-4 times and only stopped remembering the face of my parents. I felt right clutching the fingers of literature, now I love spending my time drowning in words and verses. I won’t give all the credit to myself for returning back to the mainstream, my parents and the one in whom I found my love and who is a gemstone of himself, had poured their cent percent effort to help me recover by 90%. Instead of getting frustrated and mentally broken, I take life easy now and handle hurdles as daily challenges. Whenever I feel low, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and portray my feelings through the canvas of my scribblings. Meditation has also done an amazing job in curing my mental wounds to a large extent. Simplicity is the thing I prefer the most. And, most importantly after returning back from the roller-coaster of emotional treacheries and chronic fallacies, I have understood the need of mental well-being. Several things in my life which created mess and costed heavy on my peace of mind have now led me to take initiatives on bettering the mental health. I aim to work on several drives and awareness programmes on depression, anxiety, PTSD and such problematic mental health issues.

Social work for me is something that comes out more from being socially concerned and kinder than portraying like a temporary show-off mannequin with the selfie-sticks. Recently coming back after a fight with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I decided to join an NGO named “Prayas Welfare Society”, operated by a group of young workers who made it possible to register the community under Govt. of West Bengal after successfully emerging with 3more branches of it. I had this craving in my heart since childhood that if I ever get a chance to help a little to the ones who need it, my life can’t be enough more. It was my extra boon from God that my adorable coworkers here made me an executive member. This team is more like another ‘home’ to me. From providing support to the distressed people, helping the poor, serving study materials to the needy rural students, owning a small tribal school for the needy kids in our locality, spreading awareness on mainstream environmental issues like ‘Save Trees’, ‘Water scarcity’, ‘Global warming’ etc, and contributing to the victims of natural calamity and atlast serving food to the stray dogs and children, Prayas has opened its various arms for all the needy people like Maa Durga. Though we all are trying hard to leave a little bit of impact on the society, we feel the need of more kind-hearted souls to join them in this great venture.

A lot of revolutionary changes happened afterwards. I am now a registered member for several communities who are working on SDGs and planning to grow as a champion of change. Helping Hand International, Unnatii Upliftment, United Nations Youth Association for West Bengal are some of the international organisations of global repute I am connected with who are working hand on hand to advocate the sustainability in the society. Also, I am the former Global Ambassador’s Coordinator for Global Youth Leaders’ Network organisation. Recently joined as a proud SDG activist and a volunteer of change in INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF UNITED NATIONS, INDIA chapter that is spread across 132 countries around the globe. With all these thought-provoking and heavy-weight duties in my head, I hope to serve the country by giving out my best.

Overall, my social and literary journey have been enchanting till now. I never stopped writing and started finding writing contests to participate. Winning some of them and getting flushed with good feedback encouraged me a lot. ‘Mirakee’, the writing platform, was a turning point of my life and I didn’t need to look back after finding some great inspirations in the literature field here. I have been a published co-author of more than 500 anthology books, journals and magazines till now, both from nationally and internationally. I have grown my relationships with many of the writing groups, publishers and I feel blessed whenever I get to hear some good words for them. Moreover, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Notably I have been a part of Vajra World Record winning world’s largest anthology ” Maples” which has 1300+ writers on board. I also been published by some international anthologies like “She Will Speak Series”, based on raising voice against the atrocities on women , A No. 7 issue of a renowned american literary magazine named “Genre: Urban Arts” , a digital magazine ” Forever Endeavour” magazine and so on.

I have actively participated as a creative writer in international writing communities on whatsapp and facebook including The Zenpens Writers Community (Nigeria), The Writers’ Pen Community (Kenya), The Fertile Brains, The Muser Square Writing Group, The Significant League, International Art & Literary Review, Asian Literary Society, The Poet’s Weed, Peholics , Buzzure Media Works, Fantasised, Inkophile, The Inked Square, Ink That Never fades, and many more. Along with them, I’ve been recognised as a global poet and literary enthusiast by continuously excelling and participating in more than 350 world literary platforms among eminently skilled literarians around the globe.

I have explored new ideas as a blogger too. Worked as a verified blogger in “She Will Speak” community, directed straight from USA. I worked as a columnist in the Indian digital news website “The Post India”, former content writer of “Obaa”, powered by Girltable community which is internationally recognised, a former contributor of renowned american news website, ” The Good Men Project”, formerly published as a contributor in Australian digital news website ” Decent eNews”.

I work as a creative writer and a web content writer on various communities like The Poet’s Weed, Peholics , Buzzure Media Works, Fantasised, Inkophile, The Inked Square, Ink That Never fades, and many more.

As a compiler and editor, I have compiled and edited 3 books, ” Unspoken Tales of a Hero”, “Eden of Memories”, ” Renovation of Humanity” which are available on amazon, flipkart and other online bookstores.
Worked as a freelance editor of famous publication house ‘Notion Press Publishing’ and currently am cherishing my journey with them.

My hard work has allocated me with several awards and accolades till now including REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD( instituted by iCONGO and powered by UNITED NATIONS), AUTHOR PAGES BEST WOMAN WRITER AWARD 2020, INDIAN YOUTH GENIUS AWARD 2020, INDIAN YOUTH STAR AWARDS 2020, AAGHAAZ 2K20 AWARD, THE SPIRIT MANIA INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AWARD 2K20, TOP 50 POPULAR AUTHOR AWARDS 2K20 By THE SPIRIT MANIA and NE8X LITERARY AWARD 2K20. And very recent, I have been bestowed with the prestigious ASIA PRIDE AWARD 2021 which was organised in more than 10 countries including India, Canda, United Arab Emirates, USA etc and has been awarded to 100 selectively eminent personalities. This international award ceremony was organised by INTERNATIONAL HUMANITY MISSION ORGANISATION, sponsored by NATIONAL ANTI HARASS FOUNDATION ( NAHF), ISO certified by London and nationally certified by NITI-AYOG & Digital India.

I love travelling and gather inspiration being a nature lover. I am keen to photography and have performed as a freelance model for a short period of time in the past. The girl who got bullied for having skin issues, worked as a freelance model ! Isn’t it a great reply to the hypocrites?

In a word, I patronize every sphere of the artistic world.
I aspire to be a globally recognised persona who strives towards championing change in the society as well as in her nation. My debut poetry book, ” Fields of Sonnet”, published under ‘Swipe Pages Publication House’ from Chennai, India are available on Amazon. My other 2 poetry books, “Poetries in Quarantine” and “Emotions & Tantrums” are also available on amazon in the form of e-books.

I am available on Instagram with the username – @storytellersuchismita ,
my website link :

So, here was my journey till now. I know it’s not a magnificent read but it will undoubtedly worth reading for those who think of themselves as a loser and forget to live for their own selves!

~ Suchismita Ghoshal

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Suchismita Ghoshal

Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. At the very early age of 23, she has shaped her life in a way where she cuddles with literature and devotes herself into finding peace through love, compassion, learning & community service. With an academic career in science till graduation, she is currently pursuing her masters in business administration ( MBA) from the renowned GD Goenka University in Gurgaon, Haryana. Besides that, she is a professional writer, published author, internationally acclaimed poet, literary critic, literary influencer, content writing member for WEST BENGAL UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION & HELPING HAND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, change-activist & a nature lover. With more than 500 coveted co-authorship in various renowned national & international anthologies, prestigious literary magazines, websites, webzines and eminent literary journals, she fosters to carry forward her literary career in a more prominent way. She has also authored 3 poetry books by the name of "Fields of Sonnet", " Poetries in Quarantine" & "Emotions & Tantrums". She has an enormous number of accolades and highly elegant achievements entangled with her name. Few of them are enlisted below : 1) REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD( instituted by iCONGO and powered by UNITED NATIONS), 2)AUTHOR PAGES BEST WOMAN WRITER AWARD 2020, 3)INDIAN YOUTH GENIUS AWARD 2020, 4) INDIAN YOUTH STAR AWARDS 2020, 5) AAGHAAZ 2K20 AWARD, 6)THE SPIRIT MANIA INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AWARD 2020, 7)TOP 50 POPULAR AUTHOR AWARDS 2020 By THE SPIRIT MANIA 8) NE8X LITERARY AWARD 2020, 9) INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN AWARD by Deep Dan Foundation 2020, 10) INDIA STAR PERSONALITY AWARD 2020 by India Star Book of Records 11) ASIA PRIDE AWARDS 2021 etc.