My dad and dark life

So hello I hope y’all having a good day. Today I’ll be sharing to you all about my life, it’s sad and dark and scary .”sighs” here I go , so when I was little I was popular with friends and the girls . They would always come and play with me , but I was not really interested in girls. But as I grew older I was crazy about girls , I would play with them and be nice to them , but no matter what I did they would not like me or anything. From that day I was heartbroken and I would call myself bad words and I would hate myself. Than I came to this school it was around 4th grade . I saw this girl, she was so cute, I had a crush on her , so we started texting and we were friends , and sometimes I would dream of her and me . I thought my life was going to be with her . But I was totally wrong one day she said she said she hated me and she did not like me at all ,and said she wanted me to leave her alone. From that day I was paralyzed, destroyed I was crying so hard , I wanted more from her I wanted to be her BF and her husband in the future , bf (boyfriend) . But I just couldn’t have her . So one day I talked with her friend and she said there are other girls for me and she is not the one for me . So one day I played this game called pk xd it’s a fun game to interact with people . So I found this girl and we became friends. We would show kissing emojis and we would do things together I was happy . But then this boy came and she fell in love with him . So again I was rejected by another girl so there you have it , it’s not the end of the story though I will tell more soon . But I still respect girls no matter how they are to me , I will always be there for them . But I’m still trying and looking , maybe soon I get the perfect girl who is just the right one for me 😍 . My speech for you is not everyone likes you we all like different people. But always be fair to everyone no matter how they are to you and maybe soon you too will have the perfect girl for you I am sure of it GOD BLESS YOU ALL