Love for regret

Dedication: To my dead Love...hope you feel the pain that i am feeling right now because of you!

This story is about woman’s who didn’t chase their dream because they thought that marriage is better!!

I don’t say that this everytime works in this way some people are happy that they choose to be with their love but sometimes in life the situation like mine are…painfull and regretfull .Guys i’ve been with him for 5 years before we got marry and i was sure that he is the one,we were fighting arguing but whatever what we thought that when we get marry it will be okay.What a mistake!!! In this life for one girl her dreams are important ,i had a dream too but i couldn’t make it come true because of him.He never let me to do it so i gave up

I lost my friends,my family (i know that it sounds clishe but trust me in real life this hits you like a big train ) i didnt care for school or friends i choose him …i always did!

My uncle was sick from canser right before he died he told me that i shouldn’t be with him either way i’m gonna hurt myself and get sic.I didn’t listen to him and now i wish i was soo much !!!After long conversations every day and forgiving him ever affair and killing words and actions ..(i am really dumb) i marry him and then i lost it.

Every night i used to be beaten by him for totally bullshits!i used to hear things that no women should hear i lost contact with my parents and friends i start to live in a lie because the only thing that i wanted to do was to make him happy !!
He killed me everyday till now…right when we think that its all okay -things get back to worse and i loose control and he ?He just dont give a f***k that i cried myself out in the cold floor on the bathroom.On top of that i can’t tell to anyone because i don’t have nobody on my side

So Guys now i regret everything that i done for him and i wanna go back to the moments where i was a free girl .Please chase your dreams and never give up for someone who doesn’t deserve it !Dont forgive and dont forget!!!These things are mentioned in songs and movies so many times because its truee its truee God !!!its so true and it hurts like hell it hurts so much that you cant even move your toes,you feel like in the end of something really deep and it hits you…it hits you so hard!!Dont do this for someone who thinks that he is right bu he Is NOT ! Love is not about only words and gifts sweethearts love is about caring and being toghether in worse and better ..Love is when you see that this person is weak or cant do it but still love him for who he is !Dont change let them love you in the way you are!
Either way you will cry like me and suffer ..suffer for nothing and end up your happines! Don’t!!!!

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