My life

Dedication: My mother

Hello once again my name is Alfa Umar bah…but known as Alfa king boss.
Through difficulties I’ve learned a lot.
Yet still am learning…sometimes I feel like going to somewhere that I don’t even know.
Or where no one knows me.
Friends are no more what they use to be.
Even family members are seeing me otherwise.
Only the outsiders are considering me as one of them. For my family am a failure…all that because of the current situation.
But I believe in one thing.
If there a better life for me then it’s a matter of time.
And if there is no …I pray to leave happy for the rest of my life.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of storyteller.

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Alfa umar bah

Am 20 years old...currently living Guinea.. School level...secondary. Am single since day 1.