When I got married I had no parents, no mother… I loved him, I trusted him, and I put my life in his hands… Then several problems started. I saw a different person, not my husband. He was not my husband whom I married… He started to hit me… I got the power to go away. When I found myself in the hospital with several kinds of injuries, it was very big trouble… I came home, took my children, and left my husband. I lived this life, and I want to tell women that every woman can do this. Not every woman can speak about this… By my example, maybe they can be conscious that they are not alone. I wanted to give knowledge [to other victims] about their power to leave and their power to change their own situations. You can all do this. 

Photo credit: Images provided by Footage and by the storyteller.

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‘K’ created this story as a participant in the Girl-talk-Girl program (girltalkgirl.org) by Footage (footageproject.org). Girl-talk-Girl connects young women worldwide, using mobile digital storytelling to spark dialogue and change around the gender-based violence present in their lives. Footage is a NGO with a mission to raise voices to elevate lives through creative research, media arts, and the science of storytelling.