Milas Life

Dedication: Life does not stop at anyone, they are all passers-by, Live your life, you can`t live this life again.

once upon a time a family was consists of two baby boys and one mom and one dad. this family was poor, they lived in Syria. And the mom couldn’t eat and she was pregnant with a baby girl.

After 9 months the baby was born, the family was happy because it is the first girl in the family.

The girl is named Mila. she was so smart and very helpful.
She was a best friend to her dad and her mom.
After 4-5 years begin a civil war in the country that Mila and her family were living in. Mila got a little sister and two little brothers. Her uncle Ahmed died in 2013. she has seen how her uncle look like when he died. To be honest, she cried and she doesn’t know what does it mean to die, the only thing she understood was that her uncle will never come back.

Her dad was forced to leave them and look for a safe and secure place out of the country. He left them in two years. after those years he took them with him but not the way that the people leave their country.

She greeted her relatives for the last time, but not her uncle Mohamed because he was sleeping. In the van was she crying about she left her best thing ever in her life and she left her home, friends, relatives and every second she lived in it.

The van stopped over a mountain to leave Mila and her family there to walk to Turkey. They walked and walked in forests just because the Turkey police to not see them.

But the police have seen them, they took them and waited for a car. they waited until the night, and the car came and took them to jail in two days.

When they were at the jail they have seen many people of the same country that Mila came from. The kids were hungry, the mothers were crying. The police let them fight with each other just for who will drink the water and take some food. it was insane to see all of them is fighting to live and eat and feed their kids. the food was expired, the police had fun with seeing them like this way.

after two days were Mila was in her country with her family, they send her and her family back. but her dad tried again and this time could he take them out of the country.

In Turkey, they were forced to go to Swedish Embassy in the winter. It was so cold they waited out until Mila and her brothers and little sister begin to cry from the snow because it was so cold. her dad and mom tried to warm their hands by blowing on them.

They could come to Sweden by airplane. it was the first time for Mila to sit and fly in an airplane, she slept from Turkey to Sweden because she was very tired. after 5 months in Sweden her uncle Mohamed died. she cried and cried and didn’t stop about one day.

her uncle Amer was in Sweden. he consoled her mom and he has been with her for a whole month. about one year her grandpa died too. The only thing she was thinking about it is her family and relatives will die one by one.

but she skipped this level and lived her life her friends died or married, which was nothing for her she has to accept the reality.

She studied, helped her mom and dad. she`s got bad grades but she didn´t stop. she completed what she is doing. and she got high grades in the first academic year. And Mila is working for her future and women`s rights.

“Mila… you can do it. no matter what or no matter how you`ll change the future” that is what Mila tells herself.

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