You will overcome!

Dedication: I would like to dedicate my story to my father. He suffered a severe brain injury from a cardiac arrest over 6 months ago and I’m very sadly losing him now. He was a man that gave me strength through everything. Someone who I looked up to always. And someone that I will love and deeply miss forever.

The quote reads ‘Things either make you or break you.’ I believe at first, my life really broke me. But when I started to comprehend how wasteful I was being with my existence, it was like all the wires in my brain had been plugged back together. I realised how significant it was that I altered my life to give myself a chance of happiness. Of course nothing is perfect, and I certainly struggle on a daily basis. However, with the immense boost of positivity that I now cling onto, I feel so much more able to be me!

I had a tremendously challenging childhood. I grew up as a young carer for my disabled mum and young brother, which I enjoyed. But balancing that type of baggage, amongst numerous other things wasn’t easy. I was unwell myself – suffering from epilepsy, pain, bladder issues + more, I was being smothered in abuse at school, and too many extra ailments to list. I found it all extremely overwhelming. I was very blessed to have a beautiful family who loved me very much through all my painful experiences. I was also really grateful to hold a passion for dancing – I loved to escape into the music and pretend I was leaping through a dreamworld. I danced professionally up until the age of 13, when my health deteriorated further. It broke me to conclude my ambition, but I knew that I had to be careful and desperately wanted to make the right decisions. When I stopped staying active, I understandably gained a portion of weight. It wasn’t a large amount, but through my eyes, I felt disgusting in my own body. Very sadly, shortly after I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. I’d just taken things far too extreme; my mind in such a bleak place. I was slowly giving up on the world, other people, but worst of all I was giving up on myself. I wallowed in a state like this for months before I recognised the torture I was putting myself through. Something seriously clicked in my thoughts and I (at last), could comprehend how wrong everything was going. I wanted to get better! For my family, for my interests and for me!

So shuffle along to where I am now, at 18 years old.I still have my struggles that I cope with all the time. I’m not completely cured in any way. I still get down occasionally and that can be very difficult, but I’m taking each day at a time and focusing on the good in every moment. I now run my own support page for individuals suffering with chronic illness or any form of life complications. It gives me a purpose and I absolutely adore helping others! I can one hundred percent say from the bottom of my heart, without the love and support from my close family, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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Ella Maria

I’m Ella, I’m 18 years old and I live in England. I’m a crazy animal lover, fundraiser and carer. I adore my family more than anything in the world and my dream is to change as many people’s lives for the better.