Mary Hall’s Life Story

My Life from Day 1-now:
1) I was living with my step-parents from 4 days old-11 years old
2)I kept moving back and forth
3.I moved in with my biiological mom and dad in Gainesville
4.I was physically and emotionally abused by my mom and dad
5.I went to a halfway house and went there for 31 days.
6.I moved back in with my guardian parents until when I was 16 years old(which was 2 years ago)
7.I was also being abused by my stepmom and my grandmother
8.I kept getting DCF called on me and also got the cops envolved.
9.I tried to commit suicide three times
10.I got bullied in elementary and in middle school
11.I got Baker Acted towards the end of my freshman year of high school

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Mary Hall