Mantras About Me

I am me. With all my quirks, inadequacies, faults, and mistakes. You don’t know the half of them.
But I was timid, and intimidated. For a number of years. But I’m breaking free, and by example, I’m teaching others how to as well.
Even today I am forgetful. My car keys, at least two days out of the week.
But I remember a lot. Friends’ birthdays, parents’ anniversaries, feelings, emotions.
Throughout life, I recognize that I am strong. From physical strength to mental acuity, I persevere despite challenges and setbacks.
I have an influence. For better or for worse – my students, my friends, my neighbors.
One way I influence others is by being generous. With my time, my finances, and my outlook on life. And learning more about it every day.
I am inquisitive. I drink knowledge in – about the world, about others around me, about new places and experiences.
I am genuine. Or try my best to be. I value this quality in others and therefore strive to embody it myself.
I am a leader. Leaders are not born; leaders are made. Leaders are influencers who have recognized the consequences of their influence and take responsibility for it.
As a leader, I build up, I don’t tear down. A mantra I try to live by every day.
As I build others up, I see the future. I want to leave this world better than when I came in it. I want to always leave people better than I found them, which comes from a deep truth:
I am loved. By God, by friends, by family. Every day, this truth awakens in me a desire to go forth and pursue my life’s purpose day by day.
All of this said, I am me. Without guilt, without regret, without parameters. Even with my quirks, inadequacies, faults, and mistakes; I will be made better by them.

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Elizabeth W.

I’m a teacher and GOTR coach.