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Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to rape and trafficking.

Hi my name is Madison kokes I am from Nebraska I had always struggled in life and was always bullied and I had ADHD and more learning disorders. I always had a hard time with everything i was slower than normal people. I was raised in a christian home my mom taught me about Jesus and God . I went to church and I was worshipping God. I had one day got up and ran away from my home and I had got into a very traumatic situation I was taking a walk and I was really thirsty I asked a man for water there were three men outside and I remember me getting drugged around like a slave I was sex trafficked I was drugged i was raped by different men coming in the house. My virginity was taken by those men . i was drugged and raped everyday they made me watch things they made me cooperate if i didn’t they would punish me. I can’t even remember all the torture I went through I remember one day i wasn’t cooperating they had a gun above the TV and I was in the kitchen they shot it and it missed me that time i was praying to God to help me and save me from dying. They degraded me as a person so bad I couldnt remember who I was. One day I was praying and they all didn’t have money so they had to find a job and that was the time I ran out of that house I was free but after that I had some friends that I met and I let them take me home and I was sexually assaulted they had thrown me out of the car and threw my phone and put me in the middle of no where so I didn’t know where i was at. I have been through so much trauma by the grace of God i am still alive I never thought I was going to surive. I had went to a trauma treatment program to get help with my trauma and abuse and I got to get healing but the thing is you will always remember what happened and I struggled everyday i couldn’t love myself i couldn’t be happy with who i was I couldn’t enjoy doung things I had to learn to love myself I had to overcome my insecurity I had to pray to God to help me learn myself again . the thing I have learned is to never give up on myself to always know there a purpose for me. I know that God does things for us to know that that story is going to turn into something beautiful and I learned that my purpose in life is to help survivors of domestic violence any kind of abuse any kind of homeless and be that light that can shine on them when no one cant be there for them I want to be that advocate and I want to be that women that can share my testimony to all the women that have been abused and just change so many lives. I want my story to be out there because it God purpose for people to hear my story so that other women can know there not alone and so many lives can be impacted and changed . I learned to step out of my comfort zone and follow God plan to close all those door to my past and open the new doors to my destiny my purpose and just manifest that. I want to be able to help so many women and change lives help them get back on there feet . I hope this story can really open eyes to girls women or whoever needs to hear this. I believe in purpose and this is my purpose.
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Madison kokes

I am a driven women. I am thriving at life I have ambition I have a plan I want to follow. I am a God fearing women . I love to lift people up and just be the light I have a caring heart and a loving soul.