Dedication: My late mum-Lady Victoria Iwu, who loved feeding the poor and hungry in our rural community.

During my high school days as a teenager, i used to share my food and beverages with other students in my dormitory happily. I discovered despite my kindness, it didn’t stop them from being rude, unkind or even stole from me.

In college/university, i still continued my kindness towards helping those in need around me. I had lots of friends then which i later discovered were fairweather friends who just wanted to be close for the goodies they were getting from me.

There was one of them in particular from very poor home, i would use my college money, shop for groceries, go to her house, cook pots of soup and just left it for her. This young lady later betrayed and blackmailed me. She was filled with jealousy and envy.

Most of the the people i helped as an adult in college were either jealous, envious or just bitter about my happy life and survival instincts.

As a career/business woman presently, all these bad vibes and negativity from those i helped never and will not deter me from continuing helping the poor.

Just recently, my charity foundation empowered a Nigerian widow , single mom of 2 children financially to start a fish farm business.

I am so happy bringing out my personal money to empower this widow not being afraid, she might misuse the money or not appreciate my kindness.

I urge all of you out there with such golden and kind heart to help others in any way you can, to do so without bias of race, religion, culture or doubt if you would be appreciated or not.

Empower others because you want to add value to Humanity.
Thank you.
Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.

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Jaclyn Iwu