Love? Or not?

Dedication: To whoever shares the same experience.

Hi, I came to this website because I needed to let go of some of the things still going inside my head. I am in love with someone but somehow I don’t feel it, I feel that they don’t love me how I love them even tho sometimes it shows that they love me too much, but like u know am an over thinker so I observe and see all the little details and start thinking about them which always brings me headaches and fight with the person I love. Somehow this person felt that I think too much to a bigger extent and told me to stop thinking like that, little do they know it’s not that easy to just stop… however they still didn’t give up on me but they gave up on the idea that I won’t ever stop overthinking about literally everything. We used to fight a lot in the last couple of weeks, months and it feels like something has changed between us, it doesn’t feel like us anymore. It’s just more of like two hurt and sad people being together fighting their own battle instead of helping each other and fighting together. It’s sad how all these fights changed us and made us numb, yet we are still together. I can’t decide wether it’s out of love or out of attachment. Like i don’t know if we are sticking together bec of how much we love each other or bec of how we both like the attention we get from each other or like the routine that’s happening. It complicated and I am really confused. It feels like ur in love but not in love at the same time. I am here right now writing this when I told him I will go sleep 10 min ago, now u understand me ? Something is wrong going on and I can’t figure it out, but I hope one day I will 🙂