Love and Growth: What If We See It THIS Way?

The least important part of our lives is what anyone may think of us at any given time.

We are not here to please each other alone, we are here to challenge, grow, push and tug each other.
We are not here to throw each other away, we are here to learn and grow through each other.

Nothing is as it seems nor as it is seen.

Sometimes the person we think is attacking us, is truly just attacking themselves.
You can try to help and if they cannot see you when you are present, sometimes it is your absence that teaches them.
As they teach you toleration, compassion, trust and give you an eye to your own insecurities as well.
God’s plan is way way bigger than what we can think.

There are no mistakes, there is nothing that is ultimately wrong.
We are learning souls and we are people who have limitations that live in our minds and boundaries that make us do things at times that we do not even understand.
If everyone were perfect, we would be so bored. We are not bored because of each other and the differences that we are.

To some we are the outsiders, to others we get each other, to others we are perfect and to yet others not perfect at all.
Whatever it is we each carry, we find our way with who we are in life and life takes us where we need to be to grow at any given time.

Trust that life has your back.
All life needs from you is that you have your back so that you do not fall into the traps of not loving yourself and all the issues that surround that part of our thinking.

We are all worth a try, we are all worth a chance, we are all worth love and we are all a part of God.
Just because life may move us on, the love will always be there, will always stay, it is just that time and the relationships change as we grow and change in some instances.

We cannot hesitate or be scared of change, we are change.
So we cannot be scared of ourselves.

Loving ourselves is the only avenue to loving each other and understanding to hold on when we can and to let go when we have to.

Neither is a mistake or bad.
Both are love and growth.
Nadia Khalil
Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.

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Nadia Khalil