Life of an adult bedwet

Dedication: Am dedicating this story to God for helping me to turn my disadvantage to an advantage.

Living the life of a bed wet is more complicated than anything I know, cause I felt the world pass me by every single day of my life,untill recently when I just didn’t care anymore.

During my childhood, I thought it was normal and so did my mum. She tolerated my bedwetting cause she actually thought i will grow pass that stage like every other child did at least around 13 years old, but I became a teenager and it didn’t stop and my mum still didn’t take me to the hospital cause she doesn’t believe it’s a medical case, so does many African parents. They believe it’s a spiritual case and should be handled in the religious way😔. My mum took me to different churches where the man of God would pray for me ask ask me to go that am healed and free indeed, guess what that same night I will still bedwet, maybe twice that night if am not careful. It continued and my mum got fed up, I understand her cause I was fed up too I didn’t want that for myself. So she would beat me everytime I peed on the matrass it still didn’t stop, she would threaten to tell my friends if I don’t stop and you know how bad that can fill🤲🤲. I would always cry and cry and keep asking God so much stupid questions like: why did you create me if you know you don’t love me, why are you so wicked etc. God please forgive me 🤲🤲. Ok so let’s continue.
So my mum decided to take me to a boarding school. Can my life get any worse? I tried telling her not to take me there she refused, she says it’s for my own good and if I go there and it happens when I get the beating of my life I would eventually stop. I prepared for school, sorry before I forget, I tried commiting suicide,Uhmmm. Because I was fed up, I call it my one month of suicidal thoughts, for one month the only thing in my head was how to kill myself to end the constant torture I tried three times but somehow my lil brother would catch me. I guess I wasn’t meant to die just yet.

Back to when I went to boarding school and made some cool friends and the first week was cool cause for me whenever I go to somewhere I won’t be able to sleep so it helped me not to pee on my matrass but the next week became hell I peed the first day but my bed didn’t get soaked badly but the second day it was soaked badly that it touched my school mother who was sleeping down bunk, I was on top, it became hell cause she told her friends and her friends told their friends, gradually everyone in the hostel knew about my condition 😭😭😭. My seniors would flog the hell out of me whenever I do it or I would carry my matrass round the hostel while they follow me and play music and I am expected to dance if not, I will get flogged but still it didn’t stop so everyone got tired and I got a separate bunk to stay alone, did I mention the older you get, the more your urine smells. I had to go through this in school for good three years whenever I told my mum she would say it’s good for me so I can stop, but that wasn’t the answer the truth was that I became depressed mentally and the stigma was all over me, pass close to people and the only on their lips is how I bedwet at my age. Many says it’s an attack and it may be a curse placed on me, my self esteem and confidence was murdered and I was in unable to date in secondary School even if I liked you I still can’t date you cause of what I felt it lived with me till I finished secondary School went to a tertiary institution (polytechnic) I stayed in the hostel again and this time it was much more worse and I was so ashamed of myself, I had no friends I don’t do sleep overs I don’t go for vacation even with my family cause I don’t want to disgrace my family at my age. I had insecurities a lot, I don’t trust my bfs and so on.

Where do I even start my relationship live is so complicated I told one of my ex about my situation and that was the reason he left me.

Since then I don’t date or even if I date you I can’t come to stay in your place for the night. This continued until last year when I became tired of living the life I was living, at one point I had to wake up and do me, cause all this time I was living my life trying to please people so they could accept me and my situation but not anymore, I had to live my life. So I decided to turn my disadvantage to an advantage for the greater good of humanity.i did a lot of research about my case and also found out that it is a medical condition called (Nocturnal enuresis) it is cause by an overly active bladder.

So this is what I did. I use my story as an uncommon point of reference to inspire young people especially women to be the best they can no matter what the challenges are. With this I created my online platform called Incontinence awareness and support group Africa. it aims at been supportive to people with Incontinence issues. Whether kids, teens adults and also old people. I also educate parents on how to handle children with bedwetting issues. and also rewrite the norm that says that people with Incontinent issue are cursed and been stigmatized.

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Juliana John

My name is Juliana John and am from Nigeria. I am focused about rendering service to humanity in which ever way that I can,I use my story to inspire people. Am 21 years old