Life of a 14 year old: Part 1

Part 1: So….I am not sure how to start this, I’ve never written anything about myself and never have discussed anything personal. I was 13 when I went for a family vacation to Pakistan, not knowing that the visit will change my whole life. During this time, I turned 14. One day I woke up thinking it would be another normal day in life of a 14 yr old girl. My mum told me we have some guests coming, she also told me that they’ll bring me some clothes which I have to wear as gifts.I was very excited for the guests and thought they’ll bring gifts which my mum was referring to. On their arrival, arrived a big suitcase of things, I was taken into a room and was told I had to get dressed. I was confused but excited, I sat down to get dressed. Meanwhile, my makeup was getting done by one person (I have never wore makeup in my life), I was very excited for everything until It was hinted that they were here for my engagement. After being dressed and looking at myself in the mirror, I asked my mum what was happening. She mentioned very briefly, that I was getting engaged. My heartbeat stopped for one second, I questioned that other second. In reply, I was told not to be scared because this was all about going out and sitting infront the guests. Apart from that, it was nothing. All I had to do is present myself and not speak. As a 14 year old girl, I agreed. I agreed to go outside, I agreed to sit infront of the guests.