Let Things Go, It Lessens The Pain.

I was 18, when I started dating a guy. It was a complete fairy tale for me. The feeling of being loved & taken care of. I never wanted it to end. But soon my parents found out about my relationship. They made us break up. It was really heart breaking for me. My parents made it really worse for me. Treated me like I have made some sin. They hit me, Abused me, Even threatened me that they’ll get me married to someone at the village. They took away my phone & made me delete my social media accounts. I felt my life was falling apart. I needed my parents to understand me. I wanted them to be there for me. I needed them to care for me. But they didn’t.

I had sleepless night, I cried for hours, It felt worse. But eventually it gets better. I decided to let things go, I got better & better with time. I only learnt with time that I have to be there for myself. I have to love myself. If I let it bother me it will weight me down for my entire life. And decision changed my Perspective towards life.

Let Things Go, It lessens the pain.