My time has come

Even during the hardest times, you have to stay strong and fight with all your power. A time for everyone will arrive so stand tall and wait until your time comes. Be brave, be courageous and don’t give up no matter what. If your under pressure, and feel like your about to cry, but are telling yourself “Don’t cry”, you should think carefully. Why don’t you want to cry? There was this boy in my class who was tall and strong. He pushed my against the wall and was going to punch me when a teacher walked in. I was really scared and started crying, but not because of that boy. Because I snapped under pressure. At home, my mother and father were very strict and mean, and I didn’t get the love I needed. And because my best friend and didn’t see each other too often, and because my fish died. Think of it like this, there’s a bag and it has a very small hole in the bottom, this is where the stress accumulates. Now when I had lot’s of homework, that adds in. And also things like moving schools, dead pets, bad grades, getting yelled at, not loving parents and keeping secrets all can cause stress. Bit by bit that bag filled up and stretched but at last broke and that’s what happened that day. I realized that I had to stand strong and fight for myself, with no one to turn to, I learned that I could do anything I wanted. My time has come.

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Vivian M.