I’ve been abused emotionally and physically

Dedication: Everyone who has been through this

I was one years old you know my dad was a drug addict and hurt my mother so badly when I was two we left moved in to my gramma you know then my ex stepdad came into our life’s i was the one with adhd and well he just would downgrade me the best he could like «this is why people don’t like to be around you» or something like that you know he was already messed up forced into a cult when he was only seven and well got out when he was 21 so it was like that but then when I was eight my parents were fighting more my mom always threw stuff at me and got mad at me and hurt me I was fine with that I didn’t know any better and well I went to school one day he told me he loved me I came home he left to a different apartment and everything I guess he couldn’t take it o was only 12 and well I had to start taking pills for anxiety depression and soon I became an insomniac but you know finally I called cps they helped I’m now currently in therapy and well I’m restoring relationships with my family and stuff just don’t be afraid that’s all I get it it’s scsry but I don’t want you to suffer at all

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Hello I’m a 14 female who has been through experiences I think that no one should ever go through and well this is just to tell you don’t be afraid to call 911 or just get help before it’s too late