I’m not like other girls to a whole different level

Dedication: All girls and women who are confused about their sexuality.

Are you a person who doesn’t know what their sexuality is? You are torn between liking girls or guys and worried that people won’t understand you? Maybe you like both! But even if you are a 21 year old who just realized she likes girls or even a 10 year old who was interested in the idea of liking genders other than men, here is my story. I’m bi. I knew that I was bi since I was 9 which was like 2 years ago and I just thought that this was my sexuality, but that was after years of contemplating. I started to get the idea when I was 4. I had crushes then but they were only guys. So when I was browsing the internet and found a quiz called What is Your Sexuality I immediately clicked on it. I knew I was straight so I was pretty confident. But when I got my results it said I was bi. I was so confused like what? Fast forward a few years and I learned about sex. Now then I started to get more interested in women and I thought that this girl is so pretty and she is super cute and then I would think that I am a pervert and I just want to have sex with them. Then when I was nine I then was like screw it, even if I like girls for their bodies the men do the same too. So then for a few months I just kept my pervertness inside and continued liking girls for their body but it was actully their personalities but I was still thinking that I liked them for their bodies. Then I remembered the quiz and searched up bi on google and then I learned that bi means you like both girls and boys and then I was like this is it! This is my sexuality and I am not being a pervert too! And since then I knew. The point is that everyones realization is different and that you have all the time in the world to make a decision. I have been coming out to people I trust but sometimes it is just thrown out there and I have to clean up. I haven’t talked to my family but I am hoping to. Anyway this is my story. Sorry if it is a little confusing but I am kind of bad at telling stories so…yeah. Thanks for reading!