I started to cut myself !DONT START WHIT IT!

Hi i am Rebecca and this is my story. When i was around 10 years old that was the time my feelings started to came out and it be came Hard to countrol them.

It was a normal Day at school but when class started i said something wrong and everyone started to laugh i feelt like hideing but i couldet. Later that Day my bully came up to me and she said If I where you i would study more you dum dum. And then she just laugh and walkt away. I ran away in to the restrooms and sat there and cry. But when i came home i walkt in to the bathrooms and took a scissors that was on The counter and cut my arm and it feelt good… And this happed evry Day. Go to school got bullied got home and cut my self Day after Day until my mom found out i cut my self SHE GOT MAD!.. she scremd at me and i just stod there and cry i remember one thing she said it was “what are you dum” i got so sad and said i couldet stop and sat on The floor and cry and my mom then siad “sweety i am sorry i didnt have countrol but hey its ok but is not good that you are cuting yourslef” Now i have lernd a lesson that cuting is not the rigth answer. Shere your story!