I need to speak up

The first season I coached GOTR – I had only been home for a few years after a bad divorce. Curriculum 1 (this was fall 2012) was so amazing for me that year. I learned so many things from those lessons right along with the girls. My self confidence was abysmal when I moved home and if GOTR taught me one thing is that I am strong and to be confident and joyful in everything that I do. I haven’t coached much in the past few years as I now am a liaison/coordinator for the Northwest Indiana Council. When we were able – I would go visit teams and got to participate in the new curriculum(s). (I haven’t experienced any of the curriculums fully since Heart & Sole in the Fall of 2015).

2020 has been an eye opening year. Finding joy at times has been hard and I have had to remind myself that I am strong and confident and things that I do personally and professionally do matter. GOTR has also taught me that my star power is also very important – and that in order for me to shine brightly I need to speak up for myself – even if it is hard.

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Becky Kreiger