i miss you dad

This is a story about a young girl who lost her dad at the age of 10 and I was doing standard 5.my father had long suffered from a deadly disease this bad moments happened when were in our school vacation .I had never had a chance to say good bye to my father ,the day my father was taken to the hospital I was out with my friend playing I did not say bye bye to him when I reach home in the evening my father was nowhere to be found.one day mom went to princess marina hospital in Gaborone to check my fathers condition, on the afternoon when I was from playing my aunty called me and gave me aplenty of water to drink I wonder why .I then get seated on the sofa in the leaving room .my aunt told me that she received a call from my mom that my dad is no more to be found .in the addition that I was still young and I did not understand the meaning of death and the painful of it so I did not cry .we went to the funeral at werda where we buried my father during the day of burial I did not know what was happening,I was the first to see my fathers face for the last time in the casket. I did not believe that my father was dead.I miss him so much. the pain of losing someone you love is hard for being ignored.a cried a lot during that day when I saw my fathers body being buried.but because god was with me I put my faith in him my anger to the throne.my mother was always there for me she provided me with everything I want.am now 17 years I have learned how to cope with grief sometimes I feel more emotional when i hear children speaking about their dad, I fell like my father can come to say good bye to me,to give me a hug.this year in April I lost my aunt.anywhere may their soul rest in peace.they will always be in my heart forever,until we meet again one day.