My daughter and I have had the privledge of being involved in GOTR since 2015. My daughter was part of a team and I was one of the coaches. Grace continued to be part of GOTR and then Heart & Sole through 8th grade. I continue to coach and have been a board member for the past few years. The connections we have made and the lessons we both have learned are invaluable. As an alumni, Grace would like to continue volunteering for GOTR and participating in the celebratory end of season events. The impact GOTR has made on us has also made an impact on our families; so much that my mother, mother-in-law, and many friends have joined our sisterhood. We will continue to support GOTR year after year so we may give other girls and women the opportunities to activate their Star Power and make a positive difference in their communities. GOTRocks!!

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Kimberly Rydzewski