How GOTR inspired me to change

My 12 year old has participated in GOTR for 3 years, and I have seen such a positive influence this program has made in her life. When my younger daughter started the 3rd grade, I proposed that her elementary school become a GOTR site! Once approved, the school asked if I wanted to be one of the coaches of the team. I had mixed feelings; I was overweight and very sedentary but since I proposed the idea, I felt it was my duty to participate. Therefore, I agreed to coach the first season of GOTR at Untied Preparatory Academy – State Street. This required me to make some drastic changes in my life. I needed to be a better role model for my daughters (and my sons!), as well as I wanted to be able to keep up with the girls on the team in the upcoming spring season of GOTR.

In October 2016, I joined a women’s gym, I started doing cardio workouts at home, and I changed my diet. I was determined to lose 50 lbs. by the date of the race – May 21, 2017. I received such great support at home and at work! I posted my progress on Facebook, not to brag but to be accountable to my goals and encourage others like me who think they cannot change their lifestyle.

I was in “better” physical shape by the time the spring season of GOTR began. During our first practice, I struggled to keep up with the girls. I found myself jogging and walking by myself because everyone else were better runners than me…at least that is what I told myself. However, not one girl commented that I was overweight or that I could not do it! It was an amazing positive environment, and those girls really touched my spirit! The girls were just as excited to see me twice a week, as I was to see them. GOTR continued to motivate me to push forward with my health goals. I met my weight loss goal BEFORE the date of the race!

My daughters have mentioned how great I look and they will occasionally join me for a workout. I set goals and reward myself when I meet them. I encourage my kids to set their own goals, as well! I signed up for another 5K with my oldest daughter this summer. I want to make sure I stay healthy for the fall season of GOTR – which I signed up to coach again immediately following the 5K in May. The GOTR program has done so much for me and my daughters and I hope to participate in the years to come.

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Tracy Akanni

I was bullied as a young girl. I was told I was fat and I was not good enough. I was never popular. I dreaded gym class every year. I did not look like the other girls and felt like an outsider all my life. Now that I am the mother of 4 children, I see that I need to be a better role model and prepare them to be confident individuals. Girls on the Run has inspired me…I wish it was something I could have participated in as a young girl. I need this program for my girls!