God spoke to me

I would like to tell my story how God spoke to me to anyone who will listen. A little bit of background on me, I grew up Catholic. I was baptized when I was maybe 2 weeks old. I was confirmed when I was 13. My family and I only went to church on Easter and Christmas. We were not good Catholics. We didn’t read the bible; we went to church on the holidays and sang the songs-that was that. I went to college where I met my now husband. His father is a preacher and his family are devoted Christians. My husband and I moved out of my hometown and I started a new job for a company whom the workers were very devoted Christians. I started listening in on their bible study sessions and asking questions which eventually led me to attending a church most of my co-workers attend. Fast forward to my dream with God…. It was the Sunday before Easter and I had such a pain in my left side of my stomach. It was the worst pain I had felt. I was suddenly standing in my daughter’s bedroom and I looked into her crib and she was lying there-dead. She had a hole in her arm but there was no blood, but I knew she was dead. I just started screaming and crying, “why God?! Please no, no no no!” And out of nowhere I heard the word, “Grieve!” I dropped to my knees and started sobbing and screaming. I again felt another horrible pain in my side and I was in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. There was no furniture, just a birthday cake on the floor with the candles lit. (Two weeks before this dream it was my birthday) I looked at the cake and the candles started to catch the cake on fire, then the trim around the walls caught on fire, then the floor started to catch. I thought,” oh my gosh I’m going to burn in hell! Please God no, please forgive me, please don’t let this happen to me!” And suddenly a classmate who I haven’t seen in years appeared in front of me and he said, “It’s okay Megan, God gave me another chance and he’s going to give you one too.” And I felt this horrible pain in my side again and I woke up. I was absolutely terrified. I lay in bed sobbing so scared. I asked God, “okay, what do you want me to do?” and I heard a voice in my head that said, “get baptized” and that Sunday at church I spoke to my pastor and I told him what happened, I told him I needed to get baptized, I wanted to get baptized. I believe in the lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to say that following Sunday on Easter I was baptized in the eyes of God. Since my dream with God and now that I am baptized my life has changed for the better. I want to be the best version of myself I can be. God is truly amazing, he is VERY real and we need to believe in him and make him happy. He has given up his life for us; we should want to be our very best version of ourselves for him- to make him proud.

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