Go forth and be great.-Caroline Mochoge

Dedication: I want to dedicate it to both women and girls, who feel that they have no voice in this society.

Society has coined us to believe that we are confined to a certain culture, lifestyle, beliefs of this world that determine wrong from right. Guess what? In this world, everyone has their truth, and nothing/no one can change that. In my twenty-something years of existence, I have learnt that being bold and standing by the truth, makes people angry and no matter what you try to do and say you will never change anyone. I have also learnt that peace of mind is golden without that, then everything becomes dysfunctional.

Take me back to 7years old when I discovered I could capture moments. At the age of 16 while I was still trying to discover who I was and what I can do; I specialized in humanities because sciences were not my cup of tea. At some point my dream was to become a lawyer then in a blink of an eye communications happened and it hit my soul different like a hot cup of tea would do.

When I turned 18, I felt that was my moment to make change, work hard and build my career. They said the university would be fun and full of freedom. Well, the reality was different, it was full of assignments, memorable moments but most important lessons learnt that I would live to remember. I decided to focus and indeed it bore fruit.

In my career journey I have learnt that whenever you want to grow, some people will attempt to throw you into the hearth. You will hear numerous, discouraging voices telling you to quit. Well, I am here to confidently tell you to keep making moves, do you, make decisions, pray and build your small circle that will pat your back when no one else will do.

Learn to celebrate the small wins, treat yourself for some random movie night or swim like I always do when I want to appreciate myself, buy whatever you like and eat it with a big spoon. I have made moves that have made others uncomfortable, I have been to spaces that don’t respect other people’s opinion all they do is spew hate.

I believe body shaming other people makes you ugly, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are if you can make another person feel insecure about who they are, you deserve a medal for the worst performer of the decade. How society feels about you should be your least of worries because they don’t matter.

I remember being mocked for being the only female photographer in the room during an event. It was quite a struggle, having to deal with people who felt I was not good enough, regardless of such circumstance that made me more confident to step into spaces that made more people uncomfortable.

From being acknowledged for the good work in photography to becoming a mentor to other young girls and co-host for women in creatives and in the process of writing books. When I look back at the sacrifices and hard work I have put in then I feel proud and realize these are some of the best decisions I have ever made.

With my twenty-something years of experience, I would love to remind you of the following:
• Praying gives you some type of peace and good vibes.
• Stand for what is right.
• Never feel intimidated by what others think of you, push on because practice makes perfect.
• Keep your circle small and relevant, your team will support your career and celebrate the wins with you.
• Peace of mind is undebatable if you have to cut off certain people do it unapologetically.
• Understand that not everyone is happy when you win, watch your back.
• Remember to have an outlet for your emotions don’t be caged because it affects your relationships in the future.
• Don’t judge others because you are not walking in their shoes to know where it hurts.
• Listen more and talk less, because effective communication goes a long way.
• Learn to confront an issue straight up and let it off your chest do not carry a weight you cannot handle.
• Patience is a virtue, Rome was not built in a day keep pushing on until you surpass your limits.
• Challenge certain thoughts with facts it will cost you nothing.

I read somewhere that the sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning for greater things to come.

I reflect on some of the frustrations that have pushed me to become a greater level-headed person not forgetting the expectations that I had which did not turn out as expected. I believe that you were brought to this world to make it a better place, keep shining because you can.

Remember when you put your mind to something, you produce beautiful results and everything else will fall into place. Go forth and be great!

Story shared by...

Caroline Mochoge

Caroline Mochoge is a charismatic and hardworking woman, who has a communications background with skilled expertise in development communication, branding, writing, editing, social media and photography. She received a diploma in communication in 2014, then acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Development Communication from St. Pauls University in Kenya in 2016. Since her career began in 2014 as a photographer, she has proven that determination and continued focus bears fruit. Her professional interests focus on different development work with her discovered love for writing and social media. Her first ever researched book to be published was in December 2017 named portrayal of different genders & its influence on consumer behaviour. In addition, she has worked for different international organizations in the communications front. She is a mentor to upcoming women in the creative industry and was commended for her photography skills earlier this year for under 25 competition. Despite the challenges she has undergone, she keeps working to achieve her career goals, with her desire to positively influence and change the world. Caroline is about to be among the top most influential women in Africa watch this space.